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  1. Good find Hazelnut I like the one that Matt likes Its KOOL
  2. I know in Cmd In run There is a way to do it manual Run CCleaner Then Start Defragler And While running it Go Start Run Cmd Shutdown /i then go ADD Enter your computer name ( egt this from Right Clicking My Computer amd go Propertys and click computer name It should be there Ksut copy and paste it into the Add Box) What do you want to do SELECT From the Drop Box Under neath that enter the amount of seconds you think it will take to fnish\EG Enet 60 For One Minute Enter a comment Then Push Ok NOw just wait
  3. There Is also a Recuva Portable Version
  4. Well Humpty Has a post About Vista Sp1 Is going to be XP better going to Xp again until A. Microsoft Fix all the problem With This POS B.Wait for a new operating system from microsoft
  5. I have xp This maybe different in Vista Go Start Settings Printers and Faxes Add A new printer see if that will work if not unplug printer and plug the usb cable into another usb slot may work Well that works with my memory stick Good Luck
  6. Glad i could help Did any software come with this printer
  7. Ok that did not help at all DAMN Ok try this sorry Right Click My Computer Click Properties Then A Page will load Under system Copy that and paste here sorry if this is a pain I had the same trouble with vista but with a lexmark
  8. Ok PLease go Start Programs Accessories System Tools System Info Look for a word saying Processor Beside it copy and put in a reply in here
  9. If You have a 32 Bit Vista Go HERE If 64 Bit system Go HEREundefined
  10. I use Limewire Pro and if you are downloading with limewire it is slow Better of going Bit Comet
  11. I have a 500 Gig External and ive tryd it on my other system that has it and it works fine it had no restart and went all the way
  12. Im Not Official but try this Go to here and download this version and see if it works If it does Its a bug In V 2.0.500
  13. I agree Some people find strabge stuff at times Im not talking about you humpty i mean the people who found the stuff
  14. Make sure that you have all the boxs ticked in CCleaner and all running programs closed I found that to work
  15. Hi all Members I do not know how to make my forum and website have lots of people visit them Any Ideas How to make people see them on them on the net
  16. Oh Ok I just brought that up because i know some do But this company is ok then
  17. I would not trust any of that stuff like that only because half the time programs like that contain spyware
  18. jackMline

    Recuva Guide

    Hi there Ive found something which is out of date Recuva Beginner's Guide It shows V 1.01.037 (BETA) We are something like 1.04 now I think it should be updated
  19. jackMline


    Im a Ozzie So i do not care
  20. jackMline


    System Requirements This version will install on PCs running Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista. 64-bit OSs are not supported in this release That would explain why it will not work That info was not there 30 Min ago
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