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  1. A new user on the net will buy it if they are dumb you pay them a subcripition fee then you get it I do not go for that
  2. Yah I know i was just letting you guys know New people that are new to the net will think that it is real and they will buy it
  3. Amd 64 512 mb ram xp pro LAN 10/100 56K Modem (Never use BEcause Got bigpond 20 mbps)
  4. Im just asking what size Ram do People Have I have 512 MB
  5. Thats ok Glad we could help
  6. YAH Thats Microsoft for You Skype had an update This week Skype - change: Extras Manager updated to version - bugfix: Skype sometimes crashed on receiving chat message - bugfix: Skype sometimes crashed when handling mood message - bugfix: Can't resume call after putting it on hold in some cases - bugfix: Video mood and chat messages sometimes displayed wrong thumbnails - bugfix: On call transfer dialogue blocked and deleted contacts were shown - bugfix: Phone number on Outlook contacts was not shown - bugfix: On rare occasions Voice Mail download failed - bu
  7. But http://distrowatch.com/ Do not work
  8. Do not click them This is one not to click This Is so called AVG FREE but you need credit card detils Grisoft do not need cc http://avg-secure.com/download/?gclid=CL3a...CFSbehgodwiVLOQ
  9. i have those 2 and windows firewall and lavasoft
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