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  1. Hi @Wisewiz, the portable version of CCleaner we offer is CCleaner Tech Edition More information can be found https://www.ccleaner.com/knowledge/want-a-portable-version-of-ccleaner-for-your-business
  2. Hi @SuperTRev Please email our support team via support@ccleaner.com and they can assist you with this.
  3. Hi @Whit When we update drivers, we keep backups. You can restore the backups using Driver Updater itself by clicking on 'Did something go wrong?' on the main screen of the Driver Updater after an update has been applied. https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/4402564268429
  4. Hi, @Andres Lara, Thanks for your feedback, This has been flagged and new license key has been sent to you from the support team.
  5. Hi @iNF, thanks for flagging this. Could you kindly contact the support team via support@ccleaner.com, and provide them with any CCleaner files from the CrashDump folder so they can investigate this furtherly? You can find these if you click the Windows button and copy paste the below text to take you to your crash reports folder. %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\CrashDumps If you have any issues with this support will be more than happy to assist you further Thanks
  6. Hi @Bastet, in case issue occurs the best thing would be to contact the support team via support@ccleaner.com so they can have a look into it furtherly.
  7. Hi @Bastet, Simplest solution might be to uninstall CCleaner, restart the computer, then reinstall it, as that often fixes this problem.You might want to first go to Options > Advanced > check "Save all settings to INI file", then copy that INI file somewhere first, so you can easily copy it back and restore your files. (I would suggest making sure it's not in the CCleaner folder after uninstalling it and restarting the computer, or even deleting that folder altogether, however, just to try to get as clean of a start as possible. Once this is verified that is working, you can then copy the INI file back into the CCleaner folder to get their settings back)
  8. Hi @noormotani Can you please tell us if your Windows is 32 or 64 bit ? Also, what is the version of your Windows OS?If you are still stuck on the restart issue you can resolve it by going in Options \ Advanced and then click Restore Default Settings which will stop this prompt.
  9. Hi @rodes If you are still experiencing the same issue, Our support team would be happy to help with this and you can easily contact them via email, using support@ccleaner.com.
  10. Hi @Banii Hime This should be already corrected, are you still experiencing the same issue on a free trial version?
  11. Hi @StableUser For the point 1 It's detecting an older version as if it's newer (see screenshot). This has been corrected, so that such driver updates for Intel network cards should no longer be offered as of tomorrow morning. Could you provide us with the feedback after the update For the point 2: To investigate this further can you please send over your log file under C:\Program Files\CCleaner\LOG\DriverUpdaterLib.log to support@ccleaner.com? Or support team have permission to contact you via email, using the same email address that is registered to your forums account?
  12. Hi @BenRiver Thanks for flagging it. Our development team is currently looking into this. Does the support team has permission to contact you via email, using the same email address that is registered to your forums account? Or you would prefer to reach out to them directly via email, using support@ccleaner.com.
  13. Hi @AdamClean @BenRiver@regalcars Thanks for reaching out and flagging this. CCleaner development team is currently looking into this, rest be assured that we will keep you posted about the outcome.
  14. Hi @Yraine Thank you for flagging this issue, our development team is currently investigating it Do we have permission to contact you via email, using the same email address that is registered to your forums account? If That could be the problem, could you kindly contact our support team at support@ccleaner.com ?
  15. Hi All, Can you please send an email to our support team at support@ccleaner.com so they could have a closer look over the issue you are facing with? Thanks
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