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  1. The cam is a Panasonic PV--GS32. The program was the EasyBurner v2.4. I can't tell you driver versions of what the cam installed. Everything seems normal except that I get no video. I can't think of what could cause that. Even seom driver problems from those two things wouldn't do that, would it?
  2. No, this is a brand new problem. I have nothing plugged into USB. I can't see how my BIOS would've gotten messed up, but this issue is so strange, I won't count it out. I used my computer like normal, same ways I've done for the 2 years I have this. All I did that could possible have any influence is the program installation and the USB driver install which went smoothly
  3. I unplugged the SATA connections on the HDD and the mobo, and restarted. Progess i guess- it made normal startup sounds, so that's good, but i'm still receiving no video feed. Monitor still says no input. I have onboard video (disabled) and my monitor is plugged into my video card. Would I be able to plus it back into the onboard slot, or will it do nothing because it's completely disabled? Again, I'm seeing absolutely nothing from startup
  4. Ok did the monitor check, both ends, but nothing. I don't see how my monitor would be the problem though. The strangest thing is that the little sound it makes (possibly the hard drive starting up or something like that) which has always been present and is normal now makes the sound about 7-10 times and the LED HDD indicator blinks each time, which I guess would mean the hard drive keeps restarting. The noises and light indication happen about every 1-2 seconds and then it loads normally (sounding at least, I still have no control as I cannot see). This is why I'm doubting it's a video i
  5. I know how to use safe mode and am very comfortable with it, but that's not an option. I am unable to see anything and my monitor says "no feed" and the light stays orange, instead of green, indicating there is no feed. As for the hardware changes, A couple hours before, I used a camcorder and plug it in via usb. It automatically installed its drivers, and it went smoothly and said they were installed and the camcorder was ready for use. I will try readjusting the connections, and I removed my bluetooth adapter, so let's see what happens. The error message made a sound that you hear w
  6. no, I literally cannot see anything. I don't even see the very first boot screens. the only way to boot in safe mode would be to guess the timing and position of that option and then select it, but i think that if i can't see it now, safe mode won't help much
  7. I installed a program, EasyBurner, and it asked me to restart (not sure if it's relevant, but I'm letting you know anyways). I did, and instead of making the clicking noise of the cd drive and the other minor noises of a startup, they were repeating about 7-10 times. I've tried a few startups and each is like this. The worst part is that I have nothing to see on my monitor. I know my video card and monitor are fine, so that's not even an option. I can't even see the boot screen or driver load screen, so I know something is wrong beyond video feed. I waited for the time it would take to get to
  8. I have a ECS C51GM-M motherboard, and it doesn't have firewire ports on the I/O part of it. Can I buy one of those card reader hubs that has a firewire port in it and use that? I think they connect to the spare/naked pins on the mobo, where front usb port and such would be connected, but I don't know if mine has a space for that. It's one part of computers I never really figured out... Any help would be great. I need to know fast. Thanks!
  9. Ok, I am able to connect to my home network if the password is OFF. If I enter in the passcode, it will say " Acquiring network address" forever. I don't understand why it won't connect. There is a wifi indicator on the front of the laptop, a little blue antenna thing that glows when it's connected. It doesn't like up at all. As far as I know, I have the drivers installed, or else I wouldn't have been able to connect to the unprotected network. Any ideas?
  10. Ok, I will try the ethernet thing, just to make sure my drivers are alright. I got wireless wizard, so I will try that out. I'll post back when I have some progress
  11. The biggest thing, which makes it hard for me to do anything, is that I am unable to connect to the internet. I've tried multiple times to connect to my home's wireless network, but I can't. It doesn't give me the option to connect to any networks. I'm worried that maybe there is a driver problem, but as don't have the cd's that came with the laptop, I'm stuck. This is a fresh install of XP Pro SP3. Any other info you need, ask away. Thanks!
  12. I need to know how to draw, or add my own typing, over a pdf. I have a worksheet in pdf format, and instead of printing out the papers, I just want to be able to insert my own typing and underline things (as if I used a pen/pencil) directly on the document. Does anyone know how, or any programs that allow this?
  13. Question speaks for itself. I've got VistaMizer, its good, but the only thing I want more is window/taskbar transparency. I saw screen shots of VTP and it seems to have it. Is anyone familiar with these programs and their pros/cons?
  14. Ive got an old internal hdd that I want to use to transfer about 16gb of files with, as DVD's would take too long and too many. How can I use the drive and connect it to a laptop? The drive is an IDE (older models, right?). Please help me out!
  15. I looked at keyboard settings, but there are no options about that. I haven't seen any option that would do that, so I'm still a bit confused...
  16. About 2 days ago, if that, there was a little bar that was popping up if I had Caps lock or other locks enabled or disabled. I have no idea why its doing that, I didnt change any setting. The only thing I can think of is I installed a bluetooth adapter, and thats it. It looks more like a system notification, and not from a program, if that helps. Screenshot if you need one (my connection was weird, so I didnt have patience for it right now). How do I end this stupid message bar?
  17. No, my computer I built, so it has no useless system processes from companies. This is not a constant problem either, and it happens randomly, whether my computer has been on 5 mins or 5 hours.
  18. Sometimes when I play a song, it plays through with no problems, but after, one of the multiple svchost.exe's running will jump up to 99% CPU usage for about 30 seconds to a minute afterwards. It doesn't completely freeze up my computer, but its still using 99 CPU and about 50,000-60,000k memory. Ive heard of media files with viruses, but I regularly scan with multiple programs, so I highly doubt thats the case. Anyone know of this problem?
  19. Noooo, its not just in browser. Its all over the place. I only chose that cos I just saw it. Its like that on WMP, AIM chat windows, etc.
  20. Randomly my computer starting putting fonts in italics. I made no changes. I guess the jerk decided to screw with me after all this time I've taken care of it I'm not sure how to descibe it, so here's a pic: It's not just with internet. Even my Windows logon screen has it too (Loading personal settings, Shutting down- those are italics too) Anyone know what to do here?
  21. Ok, thanks for your help. I will play aorund with it, see what happens, but yeah, I'm just waiting for the new version basically. And no, I couldnt get the internet fixed on it. I had stopped after a while because I was not getting any results.
  22. I checked both boxes (first time unchecked, but w/e) and still nothing. It says how many bytes are deleted, but not kb or mb, which is kind of strange. Any ideas now?
  23. Simple thing here, nothing serious, but still wish it was fixed. When i run CCleaner, it does its stuff, and its fine, but the amount of mb it deletes is not there. Where the amount would be, it is just "MB removed", no numbers. Anyone know how I can fix this?
  24. One month later, still having trouble. Stuff has been done with the router and modem, but nothing thats worked.
  25. It is a Linksys router and Siemens Speedstream modem, DSL connection. Other computer on the connection are fine, both wired and wireless.
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