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  1. My computer's internet connection has dropped and I dont know why it did that. Just randomly there is no connection and the computer cannot recognize anything. I did "netstat" in cmd prompt and nothing showed up, just the headers. After that I did "ipconfig" and it named an ipaddress and then a subnet mask, but the default gateway and the dns suffix were not listed on it. I did a ppower cycle on the router and the modem. This is a wired computer by the way. Any questions, just ask.
  2. The problem happened before it was moved. It was moved to me so I could take a look at it. I had checked all connections before, but as far as its gotten it to boot is the splash screen, and then it cuts out. The computer still continues to load, but no video after that point.
  3. It's not the monitor, each one is the primary monitor of another pc, and the problematic computer was plugged into those during transport. Tried the static electricity trick, but no luck. Now the computer is only going as far as turning on for one second, but then turns back off. The light on the mobo says there is power coming in, so it cant be the PS, as it was going on before, just not for more than the splash screen. Now what?
  4. There is not a problem with the monitor. Getting into safe mode is a possibility. I will go back and see if that is possible. More updates to come.
  5. My computer is not starting up. When I start it up, it goes past the all the driver and device screens, I lose the feed to my monitor and nothing happens. The computer continues to load, but the little light on my monitor that says there is an input goes off, but my monitor power light stays green. I thought it might be the video card, so I put in another in, but the same thing happened. I have restarted it a few times to see if it had fixed itself, but nothing still. Sometimes it goes to the actual Windows XP splash screen with the loading bar, but after that, it stops giving the feed. I swi
  6. I installed IE7 for the first time, and i noticed something weird: fonts are different. It looks like the fonts are bolder, and kinda low quality looking. Also, I use AIM6, and it made the fonts look different in that too. They are all set to the same as what they were 10 minutes before my installation took place, yet my text appears bolder and low quality. Any idea as to what this is?
  7. Might just solve my IE problem. Got me fingers crossed on this one
  8. Wow, firefox is agressive. I made the shortcut, and as soon as I did, it shows the picture of a Firefox shortcut, not IE, even though I took the web adress from IE. I double click it, and Firefox opens. I think this problem goes beyond program settings
  9. Ok, so did that, and nothing. I made Firefox stop checking to see if it was the main browser, but that didn't do anything either. I also tried the registry edit, and nothing happened with that as well.
  10. I know it sounds stupid, but I can't see where I set IE as default. Can you show me where it is. In my defense, I blame it on my lack of using IE to begin with
  11. I'm having a problem with IE (submit jokes here). Anytime I try to type a website and then go to it, instead of loading the webpage in IE, it opens up Firefox instead, leaving the empty IE window, and also the newly opened Firefox window that goes to the desired webpage. I use Firefox all the time, but when I need to get MS updates, I cant do that because I am unabel to use IE. That's a problem now. It does it when I click to check my mail in Windows Messenger, opening a blank IE window, and then the Hotmail site in a new Firefox window. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried reinstalling I
  12. I have WinOptimizer 4 v4.41 pro edition. is that the same thing, making it useless for me to install?
  13. My friends Acer 5610 laptop, WinXP, stopped working. It goes to the first loading screen and then a new screen that never was there before shows up. It says stuff about the media failing, and then it says "OS cannot be found". Any ideas??? I don't know what to say, as I dont use laptops, but ask and I will answer. Would it be possible to use a regular WinXP boot disk to salvage it? Just enough to use command prompt, cos there is a recovery partition on it. Please help!!
  14. And I don't either, but it was my only choice. I had bought a legitmate copy of XP, but it was an upgrade disk. My hard drive had failed and I got a new one. Obviously an OS was needed. I had a cd of XP pro, and i intended to "downgrade" it, because my upgrade disk was for XP Home. Well, it wouldnt let me install Home (my legit version) and so it was that or nothing. I saw absolutely no reason to have to buy a legit copy when technically I already had one. It's not like I had a job, and my money could not be spent on another OS disk. It may not seem fair for me to "rip off" MS like that, but w
  15. Well, I actually downloaded it manually, because some program needed it. I forget which now, but its caused no problems for me, so its still here in mine. As for windows updates, I wish I was only so lucky to be able to have them when they came out. Something about me having a non-genuine version or something along those lines is apparently not allowing me any updates when they first come out . FUnny thing is, I may not have a genuine copy, but I still get updates about once every month or so, and at least 5-8 a time. Looks like Microsoft cant piracy very well .
  16. That did it! Glenn, I cannot thank you enough. Same to Andavari for the ideas. It worked, all I had to do was restart. How weird that exiting my game (something ive done many times before, obviously, now made my desktop icon grid larger... oh well) I will have a look at the site hazelnut, but now my bed awaits. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow. Thanks again!
  17. This is ridiculous. I matched mine to yours, the only change being in IconSpacing, and nothing. Do I need to restart for it to work? I can't believe this. EDIT----> This is my Control Panel. Spacing is larger still.
  18. I looked, and its already set to 1. Should I delete it and then recreate it? Anything else maybe?
  19. Tried to reset my theme, no luck. Tried Dial-a-fix, just rearranged my icons, and when i tried Tweak UI, the installer didnt work, said it was invalid or something. On my video card, I can change icons to a smaller or larger DPI, so i did that. Normal size is 96 DPI, so i made it 76 DPI aka 75%. All it did was make them smaller. I realised then that the problem is the actual icon grid. The icons are the same size, but the grid is larger blocks per icon, if that makes any sense. Hopefully this info can help
  20. This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen on my computer, or any other for that matter. I had open AIM (don't know if its relevant) and I was playing FIFA07, a computer game. I played one match, saved, and then exited the game. Then my desktop did a double take or something, and all my icons were readjusted. They are now wider and bigger, and the grid itself seems begger too. I restarted my computer, but nothing happened. I made no system changes, this was completely unexpected ( as most things are ) I tried a system restore, but it said it could not restore to the earlier system settings. S
  21. Whew! As soon as I read this, I got worried that I had actually deleted it, cos I remember I was about to. I'm glad that i didnt go through with it lol . I got all 3 .NET frameworks going, so its all good.
  22. Ah thanks, the first tip actually worked fine, I was just not here to respond these past days. I also read about the .NET framework, and I do have that version, so I will uninstall, cos there are more recent versions on my computer. Robbie, thats how it was for me for about 8 months until about 4 weeks ago. but no worries, problem solved, and cheers to the 3 of you
  23. Everytime I start my computer up now, it goes to the Welcome screen ( I have Windows XP) and it stops. It doesnt freeze, its just waiting for me to click on my username. The thing I dont get is that I am the only user ever on my computer and I dont use a password. I dont remember, but it seems to have started about 1 month ago, quite randomly. How can I make it startup and keep going to my desktop without having to click on my username?
  24. haha my bad, i was thinking of something else. haha thanks to just you glenn, and not your evil twin!
  25. Yea, ATI is doing terrible now. As mentioned above the the Nvidia 8800 is a decent card. I cant give you a certain model, due to the fact it has been a while since I was looking at graphics cards myself, but I can tell you that Nvidia is the brand you want. They are much better than ATI, who looks to be lagging a lot. If your processor is Intel, I think that will work better too, because they basically go hand in hand, whereas ATI is with AMD. I have an AMD but iwth Nvidia, works well, so don't worry about the processor type, that was just something extra
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