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  1. Results of screen317's Security Check version 0.98.3 Windows XP Service Pack 3 `````````````````````````````` Antivirus/Firewall Check: `````````````````````````````` Windows Firewall Enabled! AVG8.5 Antivirus up to date! `````````````````````````````` Anti-malware/Other Utilities Check: `````````````````````````````` SpywareBlaster 4.2 Spybot - Search & Destroy SUPERAntiSpyware Professional Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware HijackThis 2.0.2 CCleaner (remove only) Java 6 Update 11 Out of date Java installed! ```````````````````
  2. Hmm, that might actually be something. I installed 8 when it came out. Haha well it seems we might have found it. I've done scan with AVG, SUPERAntispyware, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, and Spybot SD, nothing came up. I'm very sure it's something software/hardware based, and yes, my problems arose around the time of my IE8 installation
  3. For the past 2 or 3 weeks, every time i start a program, it uses 100% of the cpu for about 3-5 seconds. this didn't used to happen. I know my computer quite well, and I can't think of anything that would do this or anything I changed to cause this. it doesn't matter what it is, it will freeze for a little (firefox is the exception) WMP- 100% cpu, AIM- 100%, ms word- 100%... the list goes on. I need to correct this annoying problem. help!
  4. Well, that one worked terribly for me. I think between DivX, MPC, and VLC it should work. Ive got all the codecs, I guess I just nned to change some settings maybe...
  5. Ok, I'll try this one out and let you know how it works.
  6. Hmm it seemed to have worked. The audio doesn't seem to work, it's slowed down, choppy, and 4-7 seconds delayed, but the codec seemed to have worked, cos i can play it on media player classic or vlc and, from what I saw (i only had about 20 seconds to see, but that always sufficed to see it didn't work) and it appears that the motion is fine and the audio is good too. Thanks for the help. I read on the DivX site that playing MKV is hard to do right now, as the technology is not good enough for it. Thanks!
  7. I have a movie in HD, and when I play it, every 5 seconds or so there is a little bit of lag, then it quickly goes to where it should )basically slo-mo then fast forward). How do I play this with normal playback? the video info is: H264 1080p, x264 @ 10231 Kbps. I have K-Lite Codec Pack (full) and VLC media player, but with both, the playback is still laggy. System specs: AMD Athlon 64 3800+ 2.4 Ghz GeForce 9500 GT with latest driver 4GB RAM (or whatever XP 32bit recognises, 3 GB i think) Sound Blaster Audigy SE Please help! Any other questions, just ask. Thanks very much in advance!
  8. Ah it turns out I had it turned off in my BIOS, so I turned it back on, and then I was good to go. How embarrassing haha... Thanks for all the help!
  9. I used to use a wireless network adapter, but I bought an ethernet cable. I attached it to the router, and plugged the other end into my pc, but nothing happens. I looked and my motherboard info says "Modem/LAN: No/Yes", so I went on my mobo disk to the LAN folder, and installed the driver. I don't see the driver in Device Manager, so I don't know if it installed or it doesn't show, but again, no wired connection. How do I set up the connection?
  10. Kind of.. now i can access the My documents folder, but not the files or folders inside. If i can just reclaim my stuff and back it up, then i will format and reinstall
  11. I've been going in on safe mode admin account and trying to undo security and allow me to access My Documents from my account. I think it's being hard to do because it's a different OS i'm using (XP home trying to access XP pro). i did some security stuff and can access the folder, but now the contents themselves are al "access denied". how do i get around this? Another security setting? Also, i should've mentioned I use Vistamizer, so this is either the skin got messed up from the install, or that my logonui.exe is messed up. What now?
  12. How can I backup my stuff? I can't access My Documents from this OS, i guess it denies access for security/privacy. Also, how can I uninstall the driver that might have caused this problem from across OS? I'm on a different partition, so the driver isn't installed on this one. I need to get rid of that driver before I do anything else.
  13. I was able to unstall XP home on another partition so i can use my computer again. can i go on the xp pro install disk, take out "logonui.exe" and then replace it with the old one? it's the same file version, but different sizes.
  14. That's not quite what I'm looking for, a bit too drastic. One thing I noticed was the logonui.exe was running, something that never runs normally. I think that it's just my logonui.exe is messed up, so I just need to fix it. I found a program that will fix it, but I don't know how to do it in this situation.
  15. When i load safe mode, it does all the driver stuff, and then it goes to my login screen. back at square one. i'll try the xp repair. i can't find my xp pro disk, would regular xp work?
  16. I can't get into windows to do that. The farthest I can get is the log in screen, and that is a dead end
  17. I have XP pro. I installed a driver for my usb bluetooth device so i could update it. it asked me restart, i clicked no since i wasn't done working, then clicked restart later. i come back and it hadn't restarted. i click shut down, the little shut down menu closes, but it just stays going. i try to shut down from task manager and it's the same thing. i try to log off, switch user, everything, and nothing works. so i hold the power button and turn it off. when i restart, it goes normal then when it comes to the welcome screen, my icon and username aren't there. it's blank, just the background
  18. I looked and it is set to the most optimal settings. One thing I've noticed is I can't access the router page very well from my computer, meaning the wireless signal is weak or something. It's a slow connection to the router, which is why my internet is so slow. There must be something, but I'm lost. I guess the biggest problem is I need to get a strong connection again between the adapter and router
  19. About a week and a half ago, my wireless internet connection got really weird. Anytime I play a game, it drops completely and notifies me that it has "Limited or no connectivity" or sometimes just drops completely from my home network. I am using a WMP54G v4.1. I have contacted Linksys support numerous time yet nothing has worked. I even got an RMA for a new adapter, which came today, yet 2 minutes in I could see it was no different. I changed the network, and I noticed I have better signal strength and speed when it is an open network. Obviously I can't leave it like that, so I made a differe
  20. I'm getting new memory, 4b, and I found two kinds from the same company OCZ. The first has a timing of 5-4-4-15, and the second has 5-4-4-18, both with a CAS of 5. Other than that, they are identical. Which is better?
  21. OK! PROGRESS! I am very pleased, in case you can't tell... So anyways, I plugged the monitor into the agp slot on my mobo, and it worked. The problem is with the video card. With the card in the PCI-E slot, it makes the multiple boots, with it out, it loads normally. I've uninstalled the drivers, installed the latest, and still nothing. So, there is obviously some communication problem with the card to the rest of the computer. It's plugged in, etc, so this is a bit trickier. I went to the BIOS to make sure it's set to look for another thing other than the on board video and it is. I'm not
  22. I realised something this morning- when the installer was doing its thing, I remember it installed K-Lite Codec Pack. I already have this codec pack, and if you don't know, having more than one is bad. Installing it was the only way to progress with the program installation, so I clicked yes without really thinking about it. I also thought the installer for it would recognise that I already have it installed, and then skip it. I was wrong though, and I think that might be the cause of all of this. It's the only logical thing I can think of. I think this might be a two part problem. 1. m
  23. How would I be able to get the correct drivers on there when I cannot see anything? Would I be able to see just from loading from a boot disk? This monitor is under warranty... should I just go replace it? How am I going to get on and run CHKDSK etc if I can't see? This is one of the hardest things I've come across.
  24. I scanned it and there were no viruses. The install went smoothly, too, and I had no reason to suspect anything. Did I submit it where for analysis? THis is really frustrating, how can no one know what to do.
  25. I hooked up my monitor the my laptop, and it was showing all the boot info along with it. From this it is easy to see that i works, so I need to figure out what to do now. My hard drive has gone back to doing multiple boot noises. Any ideas this time? I've needed thi to work all day, and it's getting really frustrating.. How can this issue be so obscure?
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