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  1. Ah thanks so much! That did it . Thanks again to the both of you for your help.
  2. Just tried that, and it didn't work. It had been enabled before, so I disabled, and then re enabled it. Nothing changed. Thanks though
  3. I'm understand how this works. I have a 160 GB HDD, (although for some reason my computer only sees i have 130GB, but whatever its beside the point. EDIT: I have SP2 now, but when I first installed my OS, it didnt even have SP1, it was the barest OS for XP. I have a new computer, it was built last year. My mobo is ECS C51GM-M, new as of last year. There is a disk that has the mobo drivers when you first install it. I remember I didnt install the IDE driver, cos it made my HD crash, so I had to format and start over, when I was first beginning the installation. Maybe thats it?). So, I've had t
  4. I was playing around with new themes and such for my computer, and after I while, I just got rid of it. I had used Stardock WIndowsBlinds for the new skins, but uninstalled it. Now, even when I change my background, the color background on my icons stays. Included is a screenshot of it I know this is a simple thing, and I'm quite embarrassed for asking to begin with. Can anyone show me what to do? All I want is the normal background where you can still see the picture behind the icons; no color backing. Thanks in advance!
  5. That's what I'm not getting. This was a random thing, yes, but I cant see how it is hardware related. I haven't made any hardware changes for at least 3 months, and even then, it was only a graphics card installation. I'm gonna go hard drive error checking on restart, and have it solve any problems it finds. Hopefully this works, I'll let you know how it goes.
  6. Actually, the font problem solved itself, I restarted my computer. Today when I turned it on, it froze on the welcome screen, halfway between saying "Welcome" and "Starting Windows". It stayed that way for about 10 mins before I restarted my computer. Worked fine the second time, but still, these things are annoying. I know my computer very well, I scan with at least 5 programs, I clean it up with CCleaner and Ashampoo, and I defrag about 2 times a month. This computer is based on XP Pro, a year old next month. Please, any suggestions?
  7. Today I come home from work, turn on my computer, and it loads up. Everything seemed normal, but then it stayed on the welcome screen. Thing is, I dont have a password for my profile, so I clicked on it, and it continued to load. I hadn't turned off my computer all day, and I left with it on. I come back that evening after 2 hours, and I see that the fonts are big. Its only the fonts that come when you set the cursor over something, where it says the file name and info, such as for a folder, it will say what files are in the folder. Does anyone know how to fix this? If my description wasn't to
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