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  1. So my friend gave me his computer to fix, saying it doesn't turn on. First things first, I cleaned all the dust out, so it's brand new looking at least. I turned it on, and it ran to the "windows wasn't shut down properly' screen, so I chose last good configuration. It turned off, and then about 10 seconds later, it turned on. about 5 seconds after that, it turned off. I tried a couple more times, and same thing. He said this was what it kept doing. I can't get far enough to use the XP repair disk, because it usually shuts down before the bios screen displays itself. I've never come across this, so here I am. Anyone got any ideas?
  2. My Acer Aspire 5610 laptop, when connected to a tv using s-video, is only displayed as black and white on the tv. The cable I have is S-video to RGB output, which i connect to the input on the side of the tv. Anyone have a way to get colour? I have changed all the color and resolution settings on both the normal display settings and also the graphics driver menu.
  3. I went through and added the site to the allowed list, giving full access, but still nothing..
  4. This option was already unchecked. Anything else?
  5. I'm on a pc that's using wifi to connect to my home network, and for some reason, when I run CCleaner, it makes my connection drop and it behaves strangely. It seems like my connection is always different. Does anyone know why this is and how I can prevent it?
  6. I have a Lenovo ideapad U450p laptop with a built in webcam. I am unable to leave video messages, or use the webcam in any instance, while using facebook. I've looked for things online and still cannot find things, so I thought I would try here. I think it might be an issue of letting a web browser access the webcam. The same happens in IE, and I have the latest version of Java, so I know that's not it. Anyone know what might be the case?
  7. I have Win7 on my laptop. I was low on power and closed the lid, not officially shutting it down. When I plugged it in and started it back up, I logged in and it displayed the message "Configuring your desktop" for about 2 minutes, and then my background was gone, there was a windows about having recently installed Windows Live, although I dont see anything in the update history about it. All my documents are gone, everything. It's as if i never used it before. The event viewer has one Critical error, the source being Kernel Power. Any ideas what happened?
  8. Actually, I fixed it. Once I realised I had to take the space and have it adjacent to C:, I re-added that space I took out first, then took it back out but this time from the front (making a block of free space in between C and D). From there I was able to add it to C and now I'm all set. Thanks for all the help, and hopefully this has helped out more people.
  9. I tried it using a boot version, even a freeware tool that is for booting use, and still cant do it. Am I missing something?
  10. That would explain it, i didnt move it to the front of D. I forgot that it has to be next to it. Can I do that using windows 7's disk management tool?
  11. I have Windows 7 64-bit. I have one physical hard drive set with 2 partitions, C, which is my primary partition, and D. I'm trying to put more space on C, taking it from D, so I took 9GB from D. I have Paragon Partition Manager 9 pro, EASEUS Partition Master 4.1.1 Pro, and still no closer to getting it done. With paragon, it cant do the 'restart' command, so I'm unable to do anything, and with easeus the option to 'expand' my C drive is greyed out. I can only minimise the capacity. Anyone know how I can get those 9gb of free space onto C?
  12. Well, makes no sense to me, but I found the fix. Yes, the drivers are fully compatible, it was the setup that needed tweaking. When I first installed it, i set it to 2.1 speaker setup. That's how it was for XP and sound was perfect. I toyed with it, and I set it as 7.1 speakers, and now its fine. I don't know why that is, considering I have 2 speakers and a sub, but it's fine now. Strange, but no complaints here
  13. Oh, my bad. I meant "off" as in the sound isnt right, it's strange. I just realised how my title might be distracting haha. it sounds like there is an echo almost. ever played the same song twice at the same time (double)? its like that kinda
  14. I installed Windows 7 and i guess there is some configuration that is making my sounds a little "tinney" (i think that's the word). It doesn't sound very direct, like its passing through something. I have a Sound Blaster Audigy SE, latest drivers from Creative. Any ideas?
  15. You can do an upgrade. A clean install is always better, but you don't have to.
  16. Yea, I did a clean install. I have it set up so I only have OS and drivers on one partition (C:) and everything else on my other (D:). And I agree, Windows 7 is very nice. I'll search for that folder than and let you know how it goes.
  17. Uh oh! I decided to make the switch to 7, so I deleted my C: partition to do a fresh install on it with 7. I got everything ready, but I forgot about Firefox. All my bookmarks, preferences, saved passwords, everything is not here, even when I run firefox from its folder on my D: drive. Now, as it was installed on D: and just run on C: (when I was using XP), does that mean all my data is still in the installation folder?
  18. Hmm ok. I just have to figure out how best to do this. I'm keeping XP till I feel 7 is good (and I'm quite impressed, it's definitely no Vista). I guess I'll just add more space to Win7's partition and have a few vital programs installed there, and once I switch, I'll just delete and switch free space between partitions again. Thanks for the info
  19. Hey, quick question. Here's my setup first actually: C: XP, my primary partition, primary OS. D: Partition with programs installed on it. E: new partition I installed W7 on. Do I need to reinstall the programs, or is there a way to share the programs with 7? I'm currently using Firefox running on D:, I just had to go into the program folder to access the exe. Thanks
  20. Ok then, i'll only use one. I figured i had enough memory since I have the XP max (3gb?) on 2x2gb sticks. But that makes sense only having one active. Which should I use though? I have SUPER Antispyware pro and AVG antivirus, which would be better to leave as active?
  21. I use SUPER antispyware as the other active program. i've used it before but never had any conflictions with the two so i'm thinking it's just a setting that avg has to set files when opened.
  22. I have Avg anti-virus installed and sometimes when i open a folder, say My Documents, it will briefly hog the cpu, thus causing a minor stall for about 2-5 seconds. I think it's doing a small scan of the newly accessed files, but i'm not sure. I don't remember it doing this, but after i reinstalled everything after formatting my system partition, it does. is there any way to disable it? i have other antivirus/spyware programs, including another resident program, so i'm not too worried about security, especially when i'm opening files that are in my own folders.
  23. Well, I think it's all set. The playback is smooth and the audio matches. I guess I got the codecs, but hadn't tried again, but tonight I saw it works. Thanks to everyone for the help!
  24. Ok, sorry hadn't had much time to get around to the program. What exactly am I doing?
  25. Yea, I knew it had to have been software related. Thanks for the tool though, such a quick way to sort out my defenses haha. I updated my Java too! EDIT-- OK, I uninstalled IE8 back to IE6. Back to the fast speeds. I can start music right away, send IMs right away, etc etc. Thanks for the help. One more reason to love Firefox...
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