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  1. I read an article that states a 32 bit and 64 bit trojan existed. This is what has confused me as it was stated it only affected 32 bit machines yet it says something different if a 64 bit existed. Was this 64 bit trojan for the second stage?
  2. With all these qurstions surely it would make more sense for Piriform/a vast to bring out a standalone tool. It would at least make people feel safer
  3. One thing I found today confused me on an article https://www.ghacks.net/2017/09/21/ccleaner-malware-second-payload-discovered/ This seems to state a 64-bit trojan exists which contradicts the fact that it only infected 32-bit OS's
  4. Basically use it at your own risk. I like you have used ccleaner's registry cleaner for years without running into any issues but it's best to check what you are deleting and do backups, that way if anything does go wrong you should be okay.
  5. Yeah this would be good. I'm a bit wary about using duplicate finders as I've heard sometimes things that aren't duplicates appear to be duplicates in the program so something that could help you make sure they where exactly the same files would be great. On the name, I was confused at first when I saw File Finder as it sounds like a general search tool rather than a duplicate finder.
  6. I think they need a better explanation on the pro page about this. I've often seen the make your computer more secure but no explanation on how.
  7. peteyt

    CCleaner Pro

    While I use the free version I think it's good that a lot of the pro features aren't necessary ones. For example auto update is a handy feature but free users can simply update manually with ease. 4.0 just released offers browser monitoring to so you can clear your history, caches on close up, free disk space automatically etc. - these are handy but free users can do these easily to manually. What I mean to say is Piriform could easily be greedy and take actual features e.g. the new file duplicate finder and only include them on the pro version, but they don't which to me is great.
  8. Is it safe to remove most duplicate files, zero byte files etc?
  9. See I quite like Modern UI. I hated the idea of not having a classic start menu to but after using Windows 8 for a few days I got used to metro and I'm glad that they removed the start menu as it made me have to learn the new system which isn't hard and is quite nice and sleek - if the start menu was there the problem is that I'd probably use it all the time and not bother learning the new system properly. The big problem however is that there are too many apps without Modern UI versions that at the moment it makes Windows 8 feel slightly pointless although nice and handy. I wonder if more
  10. This might be off topic, but I've always wondered why developers don't make applications better uninstallation wise. If uninstalling a product removed all registry keys that where no longer needed, doing their job, then people wouldn't need to use registry cleaners as much thus being safer. Is it something that is very tricky to do?
  11. Hi there. I was wondering if there was any plans to create a metro (now modern UI) version of CCleaner. I know a lot of people may dislike this idea, but the ability to switch between normal and metro (similar to what browsers like IE/Chrome do) could avoid anyone getting annoyed. Also could the add/remove programs part of CCleaner support metro apps? I know from searching the forum a few are not keen on Windows 8. I think that metro actually looks very sleek, the problem is that there are lots of non metro apps and switching back and forth between metro and the desktop isn't very seamless
  12. I have had a few ideas - some I have seen used on other similar products (1) Some type of review system for start up entries/programs - the idea is people can rate a program somehow e.g. a star system etc. Users could review the programs. This way if someone see's an entry in either the program installer area or the start up and they are not sure they can see if anyone has rated it and view reviews if any. This could help when people have stuff such as spyware but don't realise they have it and are scared to just remove it. (2) A file duplicate finder - I have seen some utilities that
  13. Thanks for your reply. I wasn't too sure on the differences with IE's add-ons over other browsers. Do you think CCleaner may add remove features eventually then?
  14. Hi all I am new to this forum but have been using CCleaner for a while. I used to TuneUp Utilities which was costly and began to slow my pc. CCleaner seems to do everything that the paid for applications do and does it brilliantly. I have noticed the two great new start up features - for Internet Explorer add-ons and for scheduled tasks (which I think is really handy as a lot of people don't realise the amount of stuff set up on there e.g. flash updates). I just wondered if there was any plans to add additional browser add-ons or would this be tricky? I know Internet Explorer is st
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