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  1. Thank you for your discussion/suggestions. I'll let you know how I fare after I figure out how to restore a files backup from the crashed machine to another machine.
  2. I have an IBM machine running Windows XP Pro sp3. Recently, a message appeared that a certain fle, KB2559049-IE8 (a Microsoft update from 2011) had become corrupt and/or unreadable. Apparently, I did not address this problem quickly enough, mostly because of my ignorance about this problem. A few days ago, while the machine was idle, the dreaded blue screen appeared, the machine shut down, and attempted to restart. When it got to the Windows loading screen, after about 4 runs of the progress bar (usually runs about 20 passes before finishing), the same blue screen re-appeared, and it went through the same cycle again. This just kept repeating, so I manually shut the machine down. After some research, I started it up again. Before the Windows loading screen appeared, I pressed F8 to bring up the menu containing the various restart options (Safe, Safe with command prompt, etc). Regardless of which mode I tried, the machine appeared to load a bunch of drivers, after which the blue screen re-appeared, and the cycle repeated. The blue screen only remained for a very short period, so I couldn't copy its contents. However, I did take a digital picture of the screen - it's readable - if anyone needs to know exactly what's in it. Bottom line: I could use a suggestion (or 2 or 10!) on possibilities for addressing this problem. I can probably recover data files using some third-party software, but I really want this machine to be working again (if possible). Thanks for any help you may supply. Frank
  3. Thanks for your comments. If Piriform makes an "app", I guess i'll see it on their site. In the meantime, we'll survive cleaning bit by bit.
  4. We recently purchased a MS Surface tablet w/Windows 8 RT. Can we run cCleaner on this machine? The tech/salesperson made it clear that NO programs/apps not in the Microsoft Store could be loaded. Does anyone have an opinion on this? We'd like to run cCleaner on this machine, if possible. Lots of "crap" is already collecting and we're deleting this stuff as we find it. We're running cCleaner on a Windows 8 Asus Ultrabook, so we can see when we do a "clean" where the "crap" is (not quite in the same places as XP!). It's painful to have to find each and every depository for "crap" on the "Surface" tablet. The following questions will probably reveal my lack of technical expertise, but I have to ask anyway: 1. Can cCleaner be run from an external flash drive? 2. Could cCleaner be made into an app for the Microsoft Store? Anyway, any help/suggestions anyone could supply would be appreciated. I've been using cCleaner since Windows 98 and find it quite useful for general cleaning. The registry cleaning is its own problem, but manageable. I'd sure like to be able to use it on the "Surface".
  5. This is the first time I've actually posted something in a setting such as this, so bear with me if some details of posting etiquette have not been observed. I have read/scanned just about all of the entries for this topic but have not seen anyone address my particular question. I am not a "techie" as such, but I do make use of many software apps/programs on my computers. My technical conserns involve making sure that the computers are always clean and workable. Thus, I use an anti-virus/spyware program, make sure updates for Windows and other programs are installed ASAP, and, of course, I use cCleaner - have used it for many moons. Many entries appear when the registry is scanned by cCleaner, and I am very conservative with my "fixes". So far, nothing "fatal" has occurred after a "fix". But each of my computers has developed a few "glitches" over time. These are bothersome but have never required any action, as they did not interfere with my activities on the computers. I'm afraid that one of these days, a "glitch" will emerge that I cannot handle. My question is: How long after "fixing" a single registry entry highlighted by cCleaner do I have to wait before I'm sure it's removal hasn't caused a problem? I could imagine working for days before the problem rears its ugly head and I would never be able to relate it to the registry "fix", just as I have current "glitches" that, all of a sudden, appeared. Any thoughts?
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