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  1. Yes, a ExcludeKey for "single" files would always work without it. Because CC accept that syntax. If a syntax works or not only relies on the syntax itself respectively how CC interpret it. It's absolutely not related to the excluded file or the application the entry is written for. But if a future CC version will check the syntax stricter, we should use the syntax from the official documentation. I don't understand your concern. The syntax from the official documentation works always, is more accurate and future proof. CC uses the same syntax in the ccleaner.ini (and the "settings" r
  2. My final words about the ExcludeKey syntax. I discovered the official documentation: http://www.piriform.com/docs/ccleaner/advanced-usage/ccleaner-ini-files/how-to-exclude-items-from-ccleaners-cleaning. I don't know since when this documentation exists, but somehow I missed it. The official documentation should always be the reference for the syntax. Therefore, I revised all the ExcludeKeys again and posted them on GitHub. @siliconman01: The "unnecessary" pipe symbol is back again! Even if the entries usually would work without it. (CCleaner seems to allow much tolerance in th
  3. Modified entries: Sorted, and fixed (not working) ExcludeKeys. [360 Browser - Cache*] LangSecRef=3029 Detect=HKCU\Software\360Browser\Browser Default=False FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\360Browser\Browser\User Data\Default|*-journal* FileKey2=%LocalAppData%\360Browser\Browser\User Data\Default\Cache|*.* FileKey3=%LocalAppData%\360Browser\Browser\User Data\Default\Local Storage|*.* ExcludeKey1=FILE|%LocalAppData%\360Browser\Browser\User Data\Default\Login data-journal ExcludeKey2=FILE|%LocalAppData%\360Browser\Browser\User Data\Default\switcher-journal ExcludeKey3=FILE|%LocalAppData%\360Browser\B
  4. Please don't take it personally! It wasn't my intention. Bugs in applications are something different. We are just talking about the syntax of the ExcludeKeys! And that syntax gets interpreted by CCleaner only and not by the application the entry is written for. I know the posts you mentioned about the ExcludeKeys. If you search them you will see that the syntax was wrong always, like "folder|file.txt" which doesn't work. You can correct that to "folder\file.txt" or "folder\|file.txt". The second one is correct and working, but simply not necessary. I just want to help to clean up
  5. There are .cab files if you wait long enough, until the .log file reaches his file size limit! It's not necessary to leave them as is, because it's 100% clear how the ExcludeKey works: #4274. The revised [Jump Lists*] entry works flawless. All other entries don't have that unnecessary pipe symbol also. And we should use a common syntax for all the winapp2.ini entries! If we "just leave developed and tested code as is" then we have to stop overhauling of winapp2.ini completely.
  6. Modified entry: Removed unnecessary pipe symbols from ExcludeKeys. [FlashPlayer SharedObjects*] LangSecRef=3029 SpecialDetect=DET_CHROME Detect1=HKCU\Software\Chromium Detect2=HKCU\Software\SuperBird Detect3=HKCU\Software\Torch Detect4=HKCU\Software\Vivaldi Default=False FileKey1=%LocalAppData%\Amigo\User Data\*\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\WritableRoot\#SharedObjects|*.*|RECURSE FileKey2=%LocalAppData%\Chrome Plus\User Data\*\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\WritableRoot\#SharedObjects|*.*|RECURSE FileKey3=%LocalAppData%\Chromium\User Data\*\Pepper Data\Shockwave Flash\WritableRoot\#SharedObjec
  7. Modified entry: Changed Detect and removed unnecessary pipe symbols from ExcludeKeys. [Multi-Edit 2008 Logs*] LangSecRef=3024 Detect=HKCU\Software\Multi Edit Software\Multi-Edit\11.0 Default=False FileKey1=%AppData%\Multi Edit Software|*.log|RECURSE ExcludeKey1=FILE|%AppData%\Multi Edit Software\Multi-Edit\11\Config.04\EVOLVE.LOG ExcludeKey2=FILE|%AppData%\Multi Edit Software\Multi-Edit\11\Config.04\FILEPANE.LOG ExcludeKey3=FILE|%AppData%\Multi Edit Software\Multi-Edit\11\Config.04\INSTALL.LOG ExcludeKey4=FILE|%AppData%\Multi Edit Software\Multi-Edit\11\Config.04\POLYSTYLE.LOG ExcludeKey5=
  8. Modified entries: Revised those Detect lines. [Active Setup Temp Folder*] LangSecRef=3025 Detect=HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\VolumeCaches\Active Setup Temp Folders [Age of Empires*] Section=Games Detect1=HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Games\Age of Empires Detect2=HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires Detect3=HKLM\Software\Microsoft\microsoft games\age of empires 3 [Auslogics Registry Cleaner*] LangSecRef=3024 Detect1=HKCU\Software\Auslogics\Registry Cleaner Detect2=HKLM\Software\Auslogics\Registry Cleaner\3.x Detect3=HKLM\Software\Auslogics\Registry
  9. No, CC doesn't remove the .cab files! (winsys.ini: FileKey15=%windir%\Logs|*.log|RECURSE) Modified entry: [CBS Logs*] LangSecRef=3025 Detect=HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows Default=False FileKey1=%WinDir%\Logs\CBS|*.cab
  10. Yes, the key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WbemPerf" is a Windows default key. Only the mentioned subkeys (\001 to \004) are created by the malware.
  11. I don't know the game. It looks like there's a special German version available. But Detect4 and 5 are not necessary, because CC checks "Wow6432Node" automatically. I found many entries with an unnecessary "Wow6432Node" Detect, using the following regular expression: ^Detect.+\\Wow6432Node\\.+
  12. Thanks for the update! Missed post: #6485 I found some more entries with a wrong or inconsistent VirtualStore path. And fixed them: [Multi-Edit 2008 11.04*] LangSecRef=3021 Detect=HKCU\Software\Multi Edit Software\Multi-Edit\11.0 Default=False FileKey1=%AppData%\Multi Edit Software\Multi-Edit\11\Config.04|*.bak FileKey2=%AppData%\Multi Edit Software\Multi-Edit\11\Config.04\Tmp|*.* FileKey3=%LocalAppData%\VirtualStore\Program Files*\Multi-Edit 2008\Config|*.tmp FileKey4=%ProgramFiles%\Multi-Edit 2008\Config|*.tmp [My Horse and Me*] Section=Games Detect1=HKLM\SOFTWARE\My Horse and Me
  13. Modified entry: Missing pipe symbol | in FileKey1. [Winamp More*] LangSecRef=3023 Detect=HKCU\Software\Winamp Default=False Warning=This removes the current playlist. FileKey1=%APPDATA%\Winamp|Winamp.m3u;Winamp.m3u8
  14. Modified entry: [MakeHuman] needs an asterisk: [MakeHuman*]
  15. I think there was a little misunderstanding about the trailing pipe symbols |. (But the trailing backslashes \ were also unnecessary.) Modified entry: Removed trailing pipe symbol | from RECURSE. [Acrok Video Converter Ultimate*] LangSecRef=3023 Detect=HKCU\Software\Acrok Software\Acrok Video Converter Ultimate Default=False FileKey1=%AppData%\Acrok\Acrok Video Converter Ultimate|*.dmp FileKey2=%AppData%\Acrok\Acrok Video Converter Ultimate\log|*.* FileKey3=%UserProfile%\.BDAccess|*.*|RECURSE Modified entry:Removed trailing pipe symbol | from RECURSE. [MS Office 2013/16 ClickToRun U
  16. The bug still occurs in version 5.36... (Firefox 56.0.1)
  17. You can simply disable the scheduled task "CCleaner Update". Start Task Scheduler > click the task "CCleaner Update" > in the Actions pane, click Disable. (I assume you have to do that after every version update.)
  18. ROCKNROLL sorts the FileKeys alphabetical. I think he just forgot to correct the numbers: [Java More*] LangSecRef=3022 Detect1=HKLM\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Plug-in Detect2=HKLM\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Runtime Environment Detect3=HKLM\SOFTWARE\JavaSoft\Java Web Start Default=False FileKey1=%AppData%\Sun\Java\Deployment\SystemCache|*.*|RECURSE FileKey2=%CommonAppData%\Oracle\Java\.oracle_jre_usage|*.* FileKey3=%LocalAppData%\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache|*.*|RECURSE FileKey4=%LocalAppData%\Sun\Java\Deployment\SystemCache|*.*|RECURSE FileKey5=%LocalAppData%\VirtualStore\Program Files*\Java\jre*|*PATC
  19. Modified entry (FileKey 5+6): [Adobe Flash Player More*] LangSecRef=3023 Detect=HKCU\Software\Macromedia\FlashPlayer DetectFile=%AppData%\Adobe\Flash Player Default=False FileKey1=%AppData%\Adobe\Flash Player\AFCache|*.*|RECURSE FileKey2=%AppData%\Adobe\Flash Player\AssetCache|*.*|RECURSE FileKey3=%AppData%\Adobe\Flash Player\Icon Cache|*.*|RECURSE FileKey4=%AppData%\Adobe\Flash Player\NativeCache|*.*|RECURSE FileKey5=%WinDir%\System32\Macromed\Flash|FlashInstall*.log;install.log FileKey6=%WinDir%\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash|FlashInstall*.log;install.log
  20. I agree too. If we start adding TEMP entries this will unnecessarily blow up the winapp2.ini file.
  21. Please check the following threads: https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=48688 and https://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=48754
  22. Thanks for your reply. Affected bookmarks: https://www.amazon.de/Blu-ray-Shop-DVD/b/ref=sd_allcat_blu?ie=UTF8&node=514450 http://www.areadvd.de/#start
  23. I can confirm that the bug still occurs. Some of the favicons still disappear.
  24. @mta: Thanks! JFYI: It still occurs with CCleaner 5.33 and Firefox 55.0.2. The option "Firefox: Internet History" manipulates the files "places.sqlite" and "favicons.sqlite". (You can see that on their file dates.)
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