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  1. I happened to find it when I was seeking something and gave it a go, seems all right, I'm not sure since I've just cleaned the reg recently. anyway, you can give it a try if interested, it seems clean. http://www.sofotex.com/RegScrubXP-download_L7528.html
  2. I agree firefox is great, but it seems opera is a bit overlooked:), I always keep these 2 browsers in my system. in some cases opera is simply better.
  3. Is there a english readme of uie_lyrics_panel available? I can't read japanese. thanks
  4. any suggestions? I perfer a plugin not a standalone program.
  5. compare to those commercial AVs, any good?
  6. I'm looking for a dll file cleaner which can remove those redundent/unncessary dll files, any suggestions?
  7. interesting site, never heard of it before
  8. http://www.scribus.net/ well you can look it as a free alternative to adobe indesign or quarkExpress (though it is not a serious alternative), to be more meanful to the rest of us, you can output a pdf in it, compare to the openoffice pdf exporter, I think this one is more powerful and flexible in its way, try it, if you happen to need such a tool.
  9. my experience about VLC is actually quite good, the dvd playback is smooth and the quality is reasonable, but I've also tried it on a old computer (not that old, a p4 2.0G box), VLC performed poorly on that machine, so I suppose it is cpu intensive. btw, I think the xp default wmplayer is not bad (at least not that bad:)
  10. apart from NVU (which the CSS editor sucks IMHO), actually, M$ offers a quite good free web page editor: Visual WEb Developer express editon, although, it's much suitable to web application developer, but it still does a very good job in normal web page editing (include WYSIWYG feature), you can switch between the source mode and the design mode and do much more things that will pretty hard in NVU; overall, it's a very good tool for a web developer and designer since there're few free web authorizing tools available at the moment (all I know is NVU and this one), it's worth trying anyway.
  11. Sorry for my carelessness, dont bother, it's not a freeware.
  12. I heard someone recommanded this one on download.com, it seems to be a good one and they offer a free version? anyone tried it? the link: http://www.registryfix.com
  13. thanks, but I dont want to install an extra VNC server, anything else (besides, I perfer a quicktime output).
  14. not screen capturing; I've tried zdsoft's screen recorder, at first I thought it was good but after I adjusted the frame rate from 10 to 30, the whole system is kinda like freezing, also, it lacks the 3d (a opengl window) recording capacity, so I'd give it up; I perfer a tool which can output a mov file with a good frame rate and 3d recording capacity. any suggestions?
  15. I never tried avast (cus I'm lazy:), now I'm using antivir7.0, it works fine except the update issue, sometimes the update process just pisses people off as the previous version, although I might probably still stick with it for a while (cus I'm lazy;) it's funny(also stupid u might think) that I previously used avgfree, the reason I dropped it is just because it never reported... sometime I really expect some detections as reminding me that I have a AV running in the background:D) ...maybe it's time to go back to this baby...
  16. thanks, but I think I'll stick to those free ones, besides, I found some weird problems happened in opera I suspect they might be occurred by eTrust, though eTrust worked nicely on my box.
  17. Sorry about this periodic post, my EZantivirus is expired, so I'll go abck to those free AVs, my current list is AVGfree which is my previous choice, AVAST and new antivir7.0, which is your choice?
  18. wgan


    is regseeker that good, I used it for a while until I found some reviews said that it installed spyware to the sys, although I found nothing wrong with it, I still uninstalled it and used easycleaner for a subsititution, now my combination is ccleaner+easycleaner+regcleaner, regcleaner just simply scans and lists all the applications exist in the reg, so you can remove those applications which have apparently uninstalled but still exist in the reg.
  19. I use freedownload manager at this moment, but I found file corruption problem several times, last night, I encounted it once again which makes me decided to switch to another free download manager, which one do u have besides FDM?
  20. 7zip, izarc, TUGzip, ZipGenius which one you're currently using and why 7zip: great free and open source archiver program, but the lack of iso support and explorer view makes it to be the second choice izarc: currently using it, everything's fine except the speed issue TUGzip: the previous archiver in my sys till I found a extraction problem ZipGenius: looks good, sounds good, haven't tried it though
  21. I've just tried dvd shrink, it works great except the quality issue, I found the quality is a little bit worse than the original, I dodnt check any compress options and the iso file size is around 4.xxG, it shouldn't have lost any quality, how's that happened? also, I'd like to know the difference between shrink and DVDdecrypter, does the later work in the same way as dvdshrink?
  22. It seems at most time the cleaner function simply doesn't stop, it just keeps scaning untill I press cancel, sometime it DOES stop properly, it's strange. for this I have a suggestion, why not add a function which can show what is ccleaner current scanning, so I know exactly the ccleaner is working not crashing.
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