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  1. Acronis True Image (excellent piece of software!) Ashampoo CD Burner 6 Games However I tried to use always freeware but now I passed to Ubuntu
  2. giwex

    mcafee firewall

    I strongly disagree with those ppl who use pirated softwares. Internet is full of freewares/open sources softwares that can satisfy you without doing anything illegal
  3. giwex

    Arovax Shield

    The new version 1.3.15 is just to address some comments I made concerning the fact that the installer placed icons everywhere (desktop, quicklaunch,....) and didn't let the user to decide it. Previous version 1.3.10 address a long time bug having the program that didn't remember a previous choice.
  4. giwex

    Arovax Shield

    Canary, that's really strange because I'm a regular poster (and betatester) at the forum and didn't have any problem to register. Did you check into your junk files?Can you try to register again? we really want you on board
  5. giwex

    Arovax Shield

    Ok, I completely misunderstood the problem: I thought that a firewall you had notified you about Arovax Shield trying to access internet zone. So back to the point: The purpose of Arovax Shield is to monitor if something unknown is trying to modify some setting of your Windows XP. Of course it doesn't recognize if this behaviour is what you want or some spyware so it asks you if you wanna allow it or deny. Arovax team is going to create a database with descriptions of all the items it is notifying about, but as for now the best choice is to use google to find out what each item realy is all about. Don't hesitate to post here or, better, come to arovax forum Arovax forum
  6. giwex

    Arovax Shield

    I'm currently working on it and trying to figure out what's your problem. I believe it's only due to the news tab in Shield but I've asked confirmation to the author
  7. Just my personal suggestion: switch to Openoffice
  8. Everything is good so far and faster than ever
  9. Everything is fine now!
  10. I just need an advise for a very good backup software, freeware or even shareware. Thanks for advise!
  11. I agree with Humpty. Ccleaner is a great cleaner but the Regsitry cleaner is not so deep. I really like that it's not so intrusive since I've never had any problem with what he deleted into my registry. I even removed the backup features to show how trust CCleaner. As Humpty I use Regseeker as well but it can harm your system so please be carefully. A bit less intrusive is Eusing Free Registry Cleaner
  12. Also my test with VLC was negative and I have disinstalled it almost immediately (I had lots of freezing among other things). Still to find the right one.... The hunt goes on!
  13. Thanks. Downloading VLC while posting
  14. As per title I'm looking for a (very) good freeware to replace Windows Media Player on my system. For music I use with satisfaction Spider Thanks
  15. I've extensively tried Antivir (now Avira) and AVG and found both of them very good. As detection rate Antivir is really the best (better than many commercial antivirus, IIRC only Kaspersky has similar capabilities). Now I'm trying Clamwin that being Opensource has all my favours. It seems good but lacks realtime protection, feature that however is under development
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