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    try artrage http://www.ambientdesign.com/artrage.html is you like to paint or draw in a natural way, great app well I checked another post, it seems you've already tried it.
  2. Sorry about this repeat topic, but I really want to know which one is better, among AVG free which is my current av soft, AVAST (never tried), and free-av (my previous av soft), I'm using AVG right now, it seems work pretty good, but after installed this one I never found any craps on my system, normally, there were some viruses found every month when I used free-av, now I wonder if my system is really OK or AVG is not that good as I expect.
  3. Hi, I've just found one which seems pretty nice so far, check http://www.nvu.com/ you might get a real good free substitution of dreamweaver or frontpage. It's strange that I never heard about it before, anyway, give it a try if you're looking for this kind of freeware (and it's open source). cheers
  4. for a substitution of dreamweaver (since it expired), I've tried amaya, it's powerful but I don't feel much comfortable in some ways, could you recommand one which is free. I tried a lot of searches (filehippo, softpedia, freewarefiles etc) but hardly found a good one.
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