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  1. maybe it will use up your 256M GPU memory:D btw, reader 8.0 is really a surprise to me, at least it looks good
  2. I was happened to browse betanews (www.betanews.com) today, it's funny that I saw the license of ccleaner is classified to adware, how this could be? I like ccleaner a lot and never consider it as a adware, anybody can correct me if I was wrong?
  3. Yes, I tried to install openoffice 2.1 tonight, it turned out a error message said that it cannot read openoffice.msi at \windows\installer blah blah... at the end of the installation, also, the silly message still came out when I uninstalled openoffice 2.0, then I searched through the OOoforum found this little toy: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;290301 it called windows installer cleanup (as u see, it's from ms themselves), and it works pretty well, all the installer rubbish kept in the database are now wiped off, nice and easy, just choose a invalid entry then click remove, you will need it one day I suppose:) good luck! ps. attention, this is not a uninstaller, instead, it cleans the msi database in your sys, much like a registry cleaner, do not use it for normal uninstallation unless the program cannot be uninstalled properly by it's own uninstaller.
  4. try it yourself anyway http://www.filecluster.com/download-softwa...ozilla-firefox/ have fun
  5. I have to point it out that gimp stands as a photoshop opensource alternative which paint.net does not. although paint.net is decent enough to be a complete replacement of ms paint:) ps. compare with ps, gimp is still way behind especially when handling some huge images, and there's no position for paint.net between them.
  6. wgan


    to me, this is the only one open source project which is comparable to the adobe indesign. it's a good one, although it needs time to grow (like inkscape)
  7. maybe it's just me, but I really feel the loading speed (page+images) is faster, the compatibility is also good; but I don't see much benefits to install this version though, try it at your own risk anyway ps. forget to mention, I've heard that there is a next-gen history and graphic rendering engine added to the ver 3.0
  8. grab it @ http://www.filecluster.com/download-softwa...ozilla-firefox/ already tested it out, seems alright, no spyware or other rubbish
  9. wgan

    itunes alternative?

    Do you have llinks point them out? I'm a foobar user, that might help.
  10. wgan

    itunes alternative?

    I've just tried several freeware alternatives, unfortunately, they dont work properly on that nano, either said unknown device or "new version", it seems itunes is the only choice left to me:(
  11. got a ipod nano, but I dont want to use itunes from apple, too bloated, I just want to transfer the songs from my pc (win xp) to that small box, any idea?
  12. wgan

    new izarc is out

    according to the author, it seems to be rewritten from scratch. http://www.izarc.org/
  13. wgan

    RegSeeker 1.50

    just had a run with default setting, it's very aggressive, I got some green detections which actually DO exist in my system, they're neither obsolete nor invalid entries . I always truste green detections in 1.45, but it seems I should put an eye on the result in this beta version. beware!!
  14. give utorrent a try, you wont regret it, trust me:) www.utorrent.com
  15. wgan

    RegSeeker 1.50

    been waiting for this new version for a while, could somebody tell me where I can find a nice exclusion list which just excludes some common stupid false positives.
  16. I wonder who's got the key:)
  17. after tried so many of them, both commercial trial and freeware, I'm still a little bit hysteria about cleaning my reg, every individual reg cleaner will give a different result, so what is the overall best one in your opinion (commercial and freeware)?
  18. Tried many, none of them are freeware, I know gimp can edit icon but not cursor, besides, it's too big for a icon editor, any others?
  19. izarc is pretty good never let me down except once, but by this time, the future of izarc is not clear, it seems the author is gonna to rewrite it.
  20. I could be interested years ago, but now, so many free alternatives out there, 7zip, izarc, zip genius... it is just not that attractive at this time though I might still download for the heck of FREE:)
  21. wgan

    a kinda "net os"

    useless by current stage,but still interesting, might have a good future check it out : https://www.youos.com/
  22. http://www.trustware.com/products_techno.php I haven't tried it out yet, but it sounds very interesting, I never heard of such a approach before (in windows). and yes, they offer a free version.
  23. if you really want a commerical product, I recommand jv16 powertools (http://www.jv16.org/), I'm using a trial version and find it's pretty cool, the program is not very effective but for the functionalities, it's good. and they provide several products respectively for reg or disk cleaning, the price is reasonable (although I'm not sure I'll make a purchase by the end of the trial) for system mechanic, I've tried version 5, it's from magazine bundle, it turns out a nothing cool yet nothing wrong result, I'm pretty sure you can get the same scan result (even better) with freewares like ccleaner and regseek.
  24. to anybody who wants to launch ubuntu quickly, here'e my way: stand up, leave your computer for a while, go out to grab a magazine (like APC August edition), then u just get it:) the DVD contains ubuntu 6.06 LTS desktop (both for live cd and installation), that's it, might just take u a couple of minutes. also, there's another way for people who wants to try ubuntu (or any other os) out whitout creating a new partition out of the disk, try to use a virtual machine like virtual pc 2004 or vmware (both free now), you can start any OS you like, and simply remove them (actually del the virtual machine files) if dislike them. guess what, I've set up a dos box with virtual pc 2004 playing those games from http://www.abandonia.com:D good luck
  25. wgan


    nice find, launchy is indeed a very unique program, I had the same initial feeling with you, but after tried it, it's just simply handy, and the gui is very nice... but I found it occupies a bit more resource, about 10m, bigger than I expected. anyway a should-try! (if you're a typing lover:)
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