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  1. It was a conflict with my firewall. This program phones home every time you open it, reagardless of "Check for updates" setting. When I allow outgoing connection, Recuva starts right up, but if not allowed, it stalls. I use a different firewall on XP however and it doesn't have the same issue, so it must just be a conflict with the one I have on Vista. Found a workaround though so all is good.
  2. In Vista Recuva takes 2-3 minutes to open. It opens normally in XP. It hasn't always behaved this way but I'm not exactly sure when it started. I updated to the latest version but it still does it. It's installed on C:\, not portable. Auto check for updates is disabled. Anyone else experience this with Vista? Any suggestins for things I might check appreciated.
  3. I tried a standard defrag, not quick, since that's the type of defrag I normally use. I think a quick defrag would probably yield the same outcome though. For example, if I moved all files in the Microsoft Encarta folder to the end, there wouldn't be any way to exclude all the different types of files. They're all different sizes and extensions. The only way I know of to exclude the files at the end of the drive is in the Defrag options for Defragging Free Space. **UPDATE** Just tried the same thing only using Quick Defrag and Default Rules. It didn't move any files back to the beginning, but it's possible no files met the criteria of the default rules, and there was no fragmentation to start with, so I'm not sure how this would work out in the real world. **UPDATE** Ahh, okay. If you add a custom exclusion from the Exclude tab it leaves them alone. I added the original folder that the files came from and it left them at the end of the drive. Thanks all, I think it should be a good workaround.
  4. My belief is confirmed. Did a test and manually moved some files to the end, then ran a normal defrag and they were all moved back to the beginning. It seems this funcationality would have to be added. Hopefully we'll see it implemented in a future release.
  5. But I wonder what will happen on subsequent defrags? Without a setting that tells Defraggler to remember my choice I believe it will move them back.
  6. Thanks mta. I thought there might be a workaround, just needed someone to light the way. Analysis just shows fragmented files, but I did a search for every file containing a dot (period) including non-fragmented files, then sorted by path. I think that could work. Right now I'm using another defragger that can move whole folders to the end but there are other things about it I don't much care for. I prefer Defraggler, so the next time I'm feeling adventurous I'll give this a try.
  7. I came looking to see if this subject had been discussed and I see it has. I'll throw my vote in for such a feature. For example, I've got Microsoft Encarta installed and hardly ever use it, but I like having it when I need it. It's huge and really slows down defrags. Moving the whole thing out of the way at the end of the drive would be fantastic.
  8. Oh yeah, that's the stuff. It's even better now than it was before. Nice work, much appreciated.
  9. Hey Winnapp, the key did show up but it didn't delete any files. Nothing in the analysis window on analyze. Ideally I'd like to get it to find every Thumbs.db file on C drive but I'm not sure it can be done. I think the last time I did it I pointed it to a specific derectory but I can't really remember.
  10. I finally remember where I got my previous file, I made it using the instructions at the beginning of this thread. I tried to make a new one but I've hit a snag. Here's what I've got: [Thumbnails] LangSecRef=3025 DetectPath=%HomeDrive% Default=False This creates a new key in Applications Tab>Windows but I can't figure out how to point it to the Thumbs.db files. I tried DetectFile=%HomeDrive%\Thumbs.db but then the new key doesn't show up in CC. Can somone see what I need to do to make it work? Much appreciated.
  11. I had a Winapp2.ini with just one entry that added a new key for cleaning thumbs.db in Windows XP. I accidentally deleted it and can't recover it for some reason. I download the full Winapp2.ini file from the Winapp2.com site but it doesn't add a special key in XP like my old one did. I can't even remember how I ended up with it in the first place and have no idea how to make a new file. Does anyone happen to know how I can get it back, it was sure a handy.
  12. I tried deleting IE browsing history but it didn't help. Something's screwey with the way CCleaner handles cookies. I unticked every option in the Windows and Applications tabs, but "s.ytimg.com" still shows in "Cookies on Computer," even if I restart CC and then analyze with Firefox and IE closed. It's a Flash cookie and is getting deleted by Better Privacy, but for some reason CC can't tell it's gone. It's also doing this with other cookies that aren't Flash cookies. They don't show in analysis results, but do show in "Cookies on Computer," but they've already been deleted. I'll keep an eye on it and post again when I have something to demonstrate my point. I'm using CC 4.17.4808. Tested on XP and Vista and it does the same thing in both.
  13. Analysis shows two flash cookies, but a thorough check of my system shows none exist. I have Better Privacy with Firefox 31, and it shows that they were already deleted. What gives?
  14. That's is a pretty good alternative. I tried it and it analyzes then stops. I like that I can still analyze but the exclusion will prevent me from accidentally defragging it. Thanks!
  15. I've got two 64 GB SanDisk flash drives I keep plugged in, and they both show in Windows as local disks. I never defrag them and would prefer to not even see them in Defraggler. I've unchecked "Show SSD drives" and "Show removable drive" but they still show. Any tricks? Thanks.
  16. Does anyone know if the file index.sqlite in Firefox is a cookie? The full path is: C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ctnmb1cc.default\OfflineCache\index.sqlite. We have three computers (all with FF) and CCleaner flags it as a cookie on one of them but not on the other two. Of those two, one is XP and the other is Vista. The one that's marking it as a cookie is also XP. I'm trying to figure out why it calls it a cookie on one but not the other two. Thanks.
  17. If you recently wiped the disk or secure deleted a bunch of files, then restart and see if it's still there. It should be automatically deleted. If it's not, try CCleaner and set it to delete System>Temporary Files.
  18. After you analyze, right-click an item in the list and select "View detailed results." It''ll show you exactly which files will be deleted.
  19. Okay, I'll try adding all three to the Cookies to keep and see if that works. Thanks.
  20. When I sign in, I have "Remember me" checked. I'm not deleting the "forum.priform.com" cookie, either manually or with CCleaner. In Firefox, I have "forum.priform.com" set as an exception and "Allow" so it doesn't delete it. I can sign in and stay signed in for a week or two then out of the blue I'm not signed in anymore. The Piriform forums are the only ones that do this. Every other one I've got set up to stay signed in never logs me out. WTH?
  21. Anyone have the lowdown on the duplication detection feature. The changelog says: "Improved cleaning algorithm duplication detection." Is this a new feature? I'm not seeing any settings in the interface where it can be enabled or disabled. What if you don't want it to detect duplicates?
  22. Hi Super. I don't think it has anything to do with free space as I have plenty of that. I was reading in some other threads about color codes that warn you if your drive is about to die, but it was only being discussed as a possibility and I don't know if it's been implemented. And if it has, it seems like something that would apply to "Health" not "Temp," but I could be wrong about that. I could understand Defraggler thinking my drive was about to die, as it is getting pretty old, but why is "Temp" red? That doesn't make a lot of sense to me. And if my drive's putting off a death vibe, why doesn't Speccy pick up on it? And also, on my Vista machine, which is only a couple of years old, Temp displays black. I think there's something very strange going on and I have no clue what it is. Just have to wait for a "happy accident" I guess. It's working fine otherwise.
  23. Scratch that. Found the answer in another thread entitled: "5 tb raid fails and can't debug." (Thanks Richard S.)
  24. The installer was downloaded this morning from FileHippo. I uninstalled the old version, rebooted, and then installed. I just did a clean install from scratch but it still wants to display red for some reason. It's beginning to look like one of those deals where if I ever do figure it out, it'll be by accident...lol
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