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  1. I was just waiting for it to finish so I started moving the cursor around. Nonetheless, it still is a bug.
  2. Reproduce: 1. Open Ccleaner 2. Go to the registry scanner 3. While scanning click and hold on an empty space within the box that shows the registry issues. 4. Still holding down your mouse bring the cursor up to the part that says "Problem, Data, Registry Key" 5. Hold it there till the scan is finished (I do not know if this works if there is an issue detected) 6. Let go now the scan is finished, the box will be there even when you have let go. http://img251.imageshack.us/img251/5569/16499741.png
  3. +1, this would make things faster.
  4. I mean "take advantage of". Like the latest defraggler just began to take advantage of 64-bit. "New native 64-bit EXE." (Defraggler changelog quote)
  5. Does CCleaner take advantage of the 64-Bit architecture?
  6. Hi, my request is background defrag. Explanation: Defraggler would get permission from the user to run background defragmentations non-stop (unless ran out of files to defrag). The defraggler window would not be have open and there would be an optional tray icon. You could also have the ability to start this at start-up. This background defrag would take little resources and not be noticeable. You could configure how much resources degraggler can use. This would help keep your system defragmented, you may not even have to open degraggler and it's main interface. Update: When this is enabled, the default action is this would defrag when your computer is not using the resources (e.g. using Opera and only have a few tabs open. No other applications.)
  7. Linux has an architecture where it does not need to be defragmented. No need for a Linux version.
  8. This cannot go anywhere else so I guess it will have to go here. Piriform should make a Windows utility suite. That means combine all the apps together. It would still be lightweight, only 10 MB or so. Rather than installing all them individually they would all be in one place. They could still be stand alone apps though to. It would bring simplicity rather than juggling several windows.
  9. Well you still have to open up your browser. So +1 to updating within CCleaner's interface.
  10. In the dropdown menu located in the Defrag button there should be a "clean temp files then defrag" or "CCleaner>Defrag". I feel this way because before you defrag you want to kill those wasteful temp files. Defraggler would have to detect if there is a CCleaner installation for this to work.
  11. Recuva can take a while to scan. And a whole scan can take an eternity. You should be able to pause in case you need the RAM for something else.
  12. This is not pretty. Can you switch it with a more visually appealing chart? Please.
  13. (Talking about the Opera Browser) Opcache has no known purpose. It stores many temp files. We should have the ability to clean it. You can find out where your Opcache is by going to opera:about . C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Opera\Opera\opcache
  14. Hello, in the latest Ccleaner version the Opera Icons are not updated to Opera's new icon. Please update the icons.
  15. Ccleaner usually has an upgrade once a month.
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