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  1. The current UI is ugly and is difficult to search for a specific item, using ribbon UI (as in Office2010) would be nicer as it would regroup categorized items in a specific tab making it easier to switch between other items, it would also make the program more minimal and visually appealing. Most new applications are adopting the Ribbon UI http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ribbon_%28computing%29
  2. It would be nice for Ccleaner to include a sidebar gadget to run the application and tasks of Ccleaner without manually going to the application's shortcuts to launch the program
  3. +1 x64 Ccleaner will better intergrate x64 windows
  4. Office 2010 support was finally added to CCleaner v2.32
  5. Final version is available on MSDN since 22/4/2010
  6. Office 2010 is already final has already been released on MSDN
  7. Office 2010 is just 1 month from being released to the general public
  8. Add support for office 2010. There is only office 2007:
  9. Recuva and Defraggler already have 64-bit versions, why not CCleaner ?, it would be faster
  10. yowan

    Avast 5

    Avast 5 does not support boot scan in x64
  11. 64-bit would run much faster
  12. Will there be any native 64-bit version of CCleaner?
  13. There must be a version for Ubuntu Linux also
  14. Here is the log: Defraggler.exe._1_13_155__2009_09_27_13_06_.txt
  15. I have vista 32 bit service pack 2 Defraggler version 1.133155
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