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  1. I totally disagree with you. Many use Windows 7, Vista and XP x64 bit and there are advantages to using 64 bit or they would not have made it. If Piriform does not wish to make a X64 bit version of this software, all they need do is say so, simple as that., Those of us who desire X64 bit software, can move on to other software. But to deny us x64 bit because you personally do not see any benefit, is ridiculous and nonsense.
  2. Hi, Isn't it time that a 64 bit build was made for Ccleaner? We have been waiting for that for a long time now. Thanks and have a good day...
  3. At any rate, I hope that there is a 64 bit soon, it is badly needed..Why this is being ignored is anyone's guess, but it is time to come into the world of 64 bit with this... Have a great day..
  4. Several people here have wondered that and we surely hope there is a 64 bit build of this soon. It is badly needed I think.. Have a good day everyone...
  5. I sure hope that they put out a X64 bit version of ccleaner. I also use Windows 7 X64 and have been looking for this software to come outin 64 bit. I wonder, are there any plans for it soon. 64 Bit has been around for several years now. Thanks Dakota
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