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  1. Need a command-line version that would allow us to audit a machine from the command-line, saving results to a file. Having to run this manually on each machine is painfully expensive in time.
  2. Add my STRONG vote for this feature. Also need to add the ability to load the XML file as a snapshot to make this truly useful.
  3. I know there's a nice option to start CCleaner every day but that would get a little annoying. There should be a way to make a schedule for it to start up automatically, e.g. Once a week. Thanks -DC
  4. Hi, I would like to request an update to the STARTUP ITEMS list. Instead of listing just the CURRENT USERS startup items, I would love to see CCleaner list ALL the users startup items ( by SID perhaps, or user name ?? ) in that list.......please examine what SPYBOT SEARCH & DESTROY does with it's startup list. And sure, I could just use Spybot, but I LOVE what you've done with this tool....along with it's speed.
  5. The problem with deleting the settings.sol file is that it stores all the customized settings you can configure, at the link given above, under different tabs. Like for example if you've unchecked the "update notification" box then it's reset back to default etc. and you'll be prompted with the pop-up window when the new flash version is available. I presonally don't like that. So seems I have to manually delete the sites on the macromedia's page with the "delete all sites" button. Or has anyone experimented with different settings there? Maybe you can disable some option and this list wouldn't be created and stored at all?
  6. Put in my extreme annoyance at the totally-automatic "phone home" feature. IMHO **_NO_** software should ever initiate an Internet connection without my EXPLICIT permission. I was extremely disappointed that my firewall told me that DF was trying to "talk to another computer". This is BAD. It's acceptable to initiate a connection when I choose "check for updates". IMHO the "check for updates" page should NOT require Javascript. You're getting the current version in the URL passed from the program ( http://www.defraggler.com/update/?v=1.02.085&l=1033 -- BTW what does "l=1033" mean?), should be easy enough to have a page come up that says "You're current" or "New version available" without having to enable scripting in my browser. Also, FWIW, DF throws an unfriendly error when I try to run it as limited user. IMHO it should check for admin-rights when it is started up and advise the user of that.
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