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  1. The file systems are largely the same - Vista has transactional NTFS and alot of changes to driver models but that wont effect a/v running as services / processes. The kernel changed alot and some (not all) a/v companies had to change their code because they used to have hooks into the kernel in XP which they shouldnt have anyway.
  2. On windows, this is one of the reasons why running IE7 on Vista (or another browser in sandbox mode) is important. Having the browser operate in a reduced priveledge mode means regardless of what the black hats are trying to do nothing matters. Vista runs the browser in low priveldge mode by default. I would agree with the sentiment to terminate eth0 and kill rogue processes.
  3. Do not give untrusted users admin rights
  4. Friend of mine sent me this link as he was "confused". Thankfully he did not get suckered in, because it has to be just about the lamest attempt at social engineering Ive ever seen. I went to the URL in my Linux test machine and it played a laughable illusion to convince me to install some malware which wont even work on my Linux test box.
  5. It is not widely known, but in Vista Windows Defender has anti malware in it doing real time detection. I have in the past had malware not be detected by my primary AV solution and then to have Defender pick it up. Its not fool proof obviously but Vistas defender is pretty good I think. This is one of the reasons I dont use onecare - I want to "spread out the coverage" to another av source that isnt MS.
  6. Caldor


    Nice licence, GPL
  7. http://dvlabs.tippingpoint.com/blog/2008/0...-firefox-30?1=1
  8. I dont care Spore is going to be the best game out this year I reckon!
  9. Its the truth Atnes. Anyway, as I said *previously* which you have for some reason decided to ignore, thers a bunch of operating systems you could use for free that are secure such as Linux and BSD. Some of these are: Ubuntu Opensuse CentOS FreeBSD OpenBSD etcetc Its Microsofts doing, not mine, and their solution to XP for their commercial, licensed closed source products was Vista. XP security is wrong and its not possible to fix it by installing third party apps. This is why the number of vulenarabilities in XP is far higher than Vista, even though Vista has millions more lines of code in it than XP.
  10. Ah yes, the ultimate argument of those against privacy! Surerly, people after privacy must be doing something illegal and subversive! Its the thought police.
  11. Can we please get a native 64bit compile of CCleaner
  12. Yes its great, Im having fun
  13. I havent had any noticeable bugs on my FF3. I like the gecko and jscript speed, but I dont like how FF3 is running in default priveldges unlike IE7 which runs in protected mode by default.
  14. Respectfully I dont agree - as a user Im happy for the extra runtime of CCleaner in 3 pass wipe mode. As for code bloat, well, I like having one single app installed to manage cleanups as well as secure deletion of those cleanups. The code for secure deletion is already in CCleaner and all this thread is suggesting is to use the existing secure deletion alogorithm in the code to enable a free space secure deletion option as well.
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