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  1. Censored The word Censored was added by the poster not a moderator
  2. [Thanks for censoring one of my posts again by removing a very useful link]
  3. I know that list too but I find it not exhaustive enough.
  4. A comprehensive list of Uninstallers for Anti-Virus-Programs and Anti-Spyware-programs that prove troublesome to (completely) uninstall can be found here.
  5. fredvries

    JavaRa 1.15

    [15jul09] JavaRa update to version 1.15 beta Changes: - [fixed] JavaRa commandline issue - [fixed] Small bug causing JavaRa to crash if no Java executable was found. More info and download here.
  6. I use WOT. Mostly because SiteAdvisor is now owned by McAfee.
  7. fredvries


    [28dec08] JavaRa updated to version 1.13 Changes: - [Fixed] JavaRa crashing upon not finding "JavaRa.def" file. - [Fixed] Minor typo
  8. fredvries


    [14dec08] RaProducts' JavaRa updated to version 1.12 beta Changes: - [Added] JavaRa registry definitions file. - [Added] Program now asks Windows to delete locked folders upon reboot. - [Changed] Minor GUI changes. - [Changed] Method of finding and deleting old JRE folders. Dramatic code reduction. - [Fixed] Registry key bug. - [Fixed] MessageBox continually showing regardless of silent mode selection. - [Added] French Translation. Thanks to Pierre Lacaze. - [Added] Swedish Translation. Thanks to Eldmannen. - [Added] Finnish Translation. Thanks to Tero H. - [Fixed] Minor bug.
  9. Since cleaning of SiteAdvisor is already in the winapp2.ini file, we could add cleaning... [*McAfee SiteAdvisor]LangSecRef=3024DetectFile=%appdata%\SiteAdvisorDefault=TrueFileKey1=%appdata%\SiteAdvisor|asserts.txtFileKey2=%allusersdata%\SiteAdvisor|*.logFileKey3=%commonappdata%\McAfee\MCLOGS\MISP\SAService|SAService*.logFileKey4=%homedrive%\Documents and Settings\LocalService\Application Data\SACore\Cache|*.*|RECURSE Would my solution work? Edit: FileKey4 changed to reflect YoKenny's suggestion.
  10. That would be a task for TwistedMetal to include it into his winapp2.ini
  11. Well, I think that SiteAdvisor - being in business for much longer - warns for more sites. WOT now has tested over 20 million site and they employ users/visitors to rate the sites. Maybe you should look at it this way: SiteAdvisor is part of McAfee, LinkScanner is part of AVG and TrendProtect is part of TrendMicro. All are large companies. Do we trust them? WOT is part of the community.
  12. [04aug08] Anti-Malware Toolkit has been updated to version 1.03.125. Changes: [Added] Program list will now highlight a program in red if it is incompatible with user's Operating System. [Added] Link to PC Cleanup guide on main program so users can get help with the programs if they need it. [Fixed] Links in About form now show correct tooltips. [Fixed] Code cleanup, bugfixes and optimizations. [Changed] LunarDownloader name has been changed to Anti-Malware Toolkit. [Note] The name of the program changed as some users expressed concern about the Downloader part of the name. [Note] Under Links, the PC Maintenance menu has been changed to PC Cleanup for clarity purposes, this is also reflected in our wiki.
  13. [16jul08] LunarDownloader [later renamed to Anti-Malware Toolkit] has been updated to version 1.02.117. Changes: [Added] Refresh option now in Edit menu to reload the tree list of programs. F5 is the hotkey to refresh the list. [Added] Windows Update menu option under Links. - Thanks Ultimate Predator! [Changed] Changes.log renamed to change.log [Changed] Updated icon for exiting the application in the File menu. [Changed] Optimized code for parsing data and loading the treeview.
  14. [02jul08] LunarDownloader [later renamed to Anti-Malware Toolkit] has been updated to version 1.01.99. Changes: [Added] Changes.log file to show changes. [Added] --help command line. [Fixed] Package choices dropdown now disabled during download. [Fixed] Items selected in the treeview now update when select by keyboard. [Fixed] Resolved bug where application would hang if items were downloading and then paused, when canceling downloads or exiting application. [Changed] Currently downloading file now reflects in the Program Information section. [Changed] Application no longer checks for applications.xml, instead downloads from Lunarsoft.
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