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  1. Most of them are-- ActiveX Issues, -----InprocServer\32\C:\windows\ system32\ir50_32.dll This file is repeated 11 times exaclty like that, and then InprocServer\32\C:\windows\ system32\ir41_32.ax 8x InprocServer\32\C:\windows\ system32\iac25_32ax 3X Then there are Roaming files and unused file extensions, MissingTypeLib files I don't know what these are all about, should I do as I was told in the previous post to ignore them, so they quit popping up? Thanks for your help
  2. Hi I have the same registry problem where the same files appear again and again after running registry cleaner. There is always 44 fils most of them ActiveX. In the answer to this problem, it spoke of using dial-a-fix but at the bottom of the instruction on how to do it, it says this will not work on Windows7. I have Win7 64 bit system, is there a fix for this?, do I even want to delete this things? What if anything should I do to fix this ---Thank you--(I can attach a copy of the files it will not delete if needed).
  3. I found the answer to this problem on my own---much to my surprise!!! The day before this problem occured I did download several windows updates, along with a couple optional ones. I recalled downloading one that was for my graphics program, Navidia. It turned out to be a driver and it was the culprit so I rolled it back and bawala!!!! It works as it should. Just thought I would let every one know, should they encounter this problem. Thank you ;-}
  4. Hi Redhawk----It has always worked fine until it started this a day or so ago--could it be a setting that somehow was changed??? I will check my settings but most likely I will not know what I am looking at. The thing being it is only when I am on the net that I have this problem. If I go full screen on a game I have on my computer it does not do that. Thank you for your reply, I hope this answer may help some
  5. Hello all, It has been awhile since I visited this forum, but if I need help this is the first place I check, as I nost usually get a good answer, My problem just started a couple days ago, while playing Zygna games and other games on Facebook. As near as U can find out noone else has experienced this on FB, or the games. When I want to go to full sceen, which is usually what I do, it presents in a balck & white format, on approx. 3/4 of the screen, nothing is in proportion, and it is not really a true balck & white. In the small screen everything is ok and seems to work fine. I thought perhaps my adobe flash player was at fault so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it but that made no difference. I ran Norton, CCleaner but again it still does this. It only does it when I am on line. I recently had hi-def TV cable put in by the same company that does my internet (Comcast). I would really appreciate any suggestions andyone might have as I did all I know to try to fix it. Thanks all ;-}[/b]
  6. Hi, I really want to remove IE8, I am happy to get back to IE7 and I know if you remove 8 it is suppose to revert to 7 however I have tried the easy way to go through remove programs , but it is not listed there. I also went to the MS page and put a search in for the uninstall file (I am sorry I lost the name) that they suggest I use, this also turned up nothing.. Is there a way to completely remove it, and reinstall IE7? Or even if you can give me some pointers on how to get 8 off I will try that. But IE8 has always given me a lot of problems and when I get to a point where I am ready to blow I use Firefox. However I really feel I need IE7 on my computer and workable. Some info on my computer---HP pavilion dv 6700 Notebook PC ---AMD Turion 64 X2 2 GHz 32 bit vista---3 GB Ram--I have SP2 installed---Hard disk is 174 GB with 96 GB free If I can just get the internet explorer reverted or reinstalled I will be most happy Thanks for any help you all can give me
  7. That is the version I downloaded I think 3.5.4 Glue/4.5 GTB5 hmm guess not, or whats that GTB5
  8. LOL OMG not elephantitis---- if its not one thing it your mother ---oops I mean another. Yes, I am old enough to be doing all my banking and fiances online, so you are right of course to"keep it lurking"
  9. At one time a HP tech told me NOT to install IE8, when she found out I did she told me it was full of bugs and I should uninstall and so back to IE7. What I am kinds hearing is unistall 8, go back to seven, use firefox when I don't want it to mess up what I am doing. I have had hours of work lost, (my fault to big degree because I was not saving as I went along) because I would either freeze totally or get the message "IE has experienced a problem and is going to shut down now" OH NO please ---- I am slow enough in my old age but when that happens I am ready to give it all up. But I don't. Humans are too resiliant for thier own good. but I have a good size computer 458G hard drive, AMD Athion 64 x 2 dual core processor 5200 + 2.6 Gtz and 2GB Ram, I keep it clean and tuned so in so far as IE is the only program giving me fits guess I better uninstall and maybe go for ie7 instead of IE8 or see if this is a corrupt version---you know I just had a clean sweep done right back to factory 4 months ago. It all takes up so much of your time, that what kills me ---- literally dang.
  10. Ok aqua, I have used IE since it's conception but lately the bugs have been killing me, I will wait until they release thier fixes before doing anything drastic with either one. I am a ancient mariner and when I learned to use the computer some 12 years ago, I was told it would free up my time and in my liesure years I would be out drowning worms---not so me friend. But we make our own beds don't we
  11. I have had Mozilla on my computers for about a week now and i certainly see more speed and less hassles , such as shutting down all the time that IE8 has been doing and IE 7 for that matter. What I was wondering, and wanting to ask advice on is: Should I get rid of IE completely, or clean it down to bare bones? Or keep it a while longer? There are some things about Fire Fox Mozilla I don't care for but they are pretty minor. And I need to learn a lot more about Mozilla---I don't quite understand is Mozilla the browser or fire fox?? Whats What? I am thinking Mozilla is a company name and Fire Fox the browser, am I correct or ---not? Thank you for your time, it is one of the most precious things we have been given, and I appreciate yours.
  12. Here's a link if anyone is interested [link removed by moderation] It is free, but only on one computer
  13. Just following a extension on Microsoft and this popped up ----PC MightyMax 2009 ----- as a regisrty cleaner Anyone familiar with it? It has some pretty high claims "Fix Windows Errors Does your computer stop working and give you error messages? Is it not working like it used to? PC MightyMax 2009 is a free download designed to fix common registry related errors with your computer (error messages, freezing, crashing, slowness). Don't miss your chance to download the safest and most powerful registry cleaner available for Windows Vista and XP. Download Size: 1.7 MB (Estimated Download Time: 2 Minutes). How To Uninstall" Then it says WINNER OF 35 STAR AWARDS!! What ? are Star Awards??? Didn't say where from or who One other big annoyance, I would like to get my IE from quiting on me, it just shuts down sometimes as I am in the middle of building a web page so I lose it all. I was told by MS to weed out tools bars which I am trying to do, I have many disabled but it seems they are hidden pretty good on my C:/drive because I only found one and it was Microsoft Light--- So goes the battle Thanks guys & gals of course
  14. joanie707

    HP Bloatware

    Oh how i wish I had read all this a couple months ago. I had a HP psc all-in-one 2170 and for years it performed like a champ, then one day, without warning it just quit! Nothing I did could bring it back to life. So I went and bought a photo smart all-in-one 6380, my goodness, the cranking and racket and spurting, coughing, spasm's it goes through just to get started is totally amazing---then once it get over its eptileptic behavior it spits out a beautiful photo or zips through 10 pages of text in a second, but what it takes to get going each time is frightening. Why I didn't take it back remains one mystery about myself I don't even understand. Bloat, yes indeed but I am not savey enough to get rid of it , and HP keeps sending 'critical' updates that turn out to be more un-necessay (I think) software to add to its pathtic upheaval at the beginning of a job. I would really like to slim it down but am afraid I will get rid of something really important.
  15. Hmmmm, everyone I know who does any surfing at all has antivirus running. I consider myself to be a very astute and careful person when on the wed and even with all the recommended programs I ended up wirh a %$%@#$% virus and had to go through all the restoration. I do hope that never occurs again ```
  16. AHhh---Alas,, this does not work for Vista, you lose your password and if you have not made a disk, you have to reformat the C:drive, I just did this, I have learned to really like Vista, but even though this was a bummer, it shows the good security Vista has. Great information for the other OS though thank you!
  17. Well here is the story. I did have a PW set to get into my desktop and decided to change that to not needing a PW as there is not a soul in my house that would touch my computer. I followed the instructions and everything went fine. Today i rebooted and it asked for a PW so since it would not let me in I put in the old PW---it rejected it. I rebooted several times---same problem, I did see the welcome screen come up for a second on the last stab at it but it quickly reverted to wrong pw or user. Looking at help it says the only way to get in is to restore the entire thing----back to factory---please tell me there is another way, I had trouble getting the thing to back up my files so I have some things on therfe that I will lose forever. OS= Vista HP desktop with lots of hard disk and memory Anyone have any ideas I can try? Thank you!!!
  18. At last! A machine to fit my needs----wonder how pricy it is?
  19. WOW! I cannot believe it, when I read up on it , it was as rated as a #1 anti-virus program---I just went to your link, if I had seen that i would not have bought this---I can't believe tucows didn't show this on the page I was at. I finally got things going OK as far as my password problem, I wrote to them about not helping me out with the virus the program found and have yet to hear back from them, that was 3 days ago. You can bet I will not renew this, I did notice a rather prissy attitude when i called them about a pricing mistake they made. I am going to stick to freebies, I hope they clean up their act!
  20. I am going to try running malwarebytes --deepscan and see what it comes up with, but again how can I cancel out this password thing what a bugger!
  21. Hi Yes, I did not write it down but it was a ad ware thing and when I sent it to Shield they said to run malwarebytes which i did and MWB got it. but all this pass word crap is terrible, I can't get into any of my business mail and I kept all my contacts in there, now the laptop is the same. I can get my new mail of course, through a different server like google or Comcast, but a lot of stuff is locked up in windows mail. does anyone know how to go in and take pass words out? I see red every time I think about why people do such things, have they no life? Dang it!!! I would have kept up better on this but I had my grandson for the first time in a long time and I just wanted to have fun with him and forget the whole thing for a couple days. Now I am back in the real world and any comments or directs is soooooo appreciated
  22. I just bought The Shield Deluxe 2009 for both my computers, laptop and desktop, it is suppose to have malware, spyware and antivirus, the whole shebang, It was rated #1 by Hippo, and a few others gave it a high rating, has anyone any comments on it? It found a virus on my desktop, (not using) called Fee92e.msi=]embedded exe but says it cannot remove it! I thought that was one of things these programs were suppose to do! So I am hoping I can get some help ridding my computer of that. I did write to them last night but so far no one has answered. Now if that isn't bad enough, after I installed The Shield Deluxe on both computers, I did a full scan, after reboot the desktop came up with a sign in to get into my computer of which I have never had a password on my computers, it is not necessary for me to have one. So in desperation I put a password in and a user name and it let me in, now of course that is the only way I can get into the desktop! So I am learning to live with that, The shield did another scan, I had it set up for one every day, but just a quick one and weekly deep scan, after it rebooted I went to check my email and OH NO, my Windows mail asked me for a PASSWORD, never, never, never have I put a pass word on it, I tried the same thing with it that I did with the computer sign in, but unfortunately it did not work. I have not gone on the desk top today, I am afraid of whats next. I know there are a lot of good computer minds in this forum so any help or suggestions or even comments will be fully appreciated!!! Thank you one & all
  23. There are so many recommendations on so many security programs that my head is spinning. The last time I asked in a forum I think is OK but I really trust Piriform and use CC, defrag--and recova when need be and love them, recommend them and would not be without them. but in the area of anti-virus, anti-spy, anti-malware, what is the difference in these three and do I need programs to battle all three, is there not one King Cobra to kill em all. I was contemplating buying (and not eating for a week) 1. spyware detector ----- spybot came up as i was installing calling this malicious software ---so that's out 2. Shield Deluxe 2009 Now as far as being covered would these do it currently I have Avira----spybot----malware bytes For antivirus I think I like Shield Deluxe --- Tucows gives it 5 stars and that's as far as I can figure it out today--got to go for a few hours but I am totally mixed up, i was going to join a learning forum like geeks to go, I need to get a handle on all this. Any input would be highly prized, i am sure all this has been addressed but going from one to the other has left this old girl totally in the dark, I always try to KISS but I failed to do that, or it is impossible to do as far as all this is concerned Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
  24. joanie707


    No, I have seen them and was going to give them a try out, is there any HO in the games or are they totally adventure? Haven't been able to play much this past week. Still have RTR to finish. Got a credit coming so I will have to look into the Siberia games
  25. joanie707


    LOL -- Just the thing for those winters in Siberia as you are contemplating suicide. WOW, I can't imagine taking that on. I will have to see if I can pick up Dracula 1 & 2, do you suppose they are compatible with Vista?
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