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  1. ccleaner keeps getting better,i only trust 2 reg apps now,ccleaner and tuneup but i love free ones so that makes ccleaner the best of them.beta means unfinished product,final means official product that is not beta,beta and alpha are similar terms for unfinished products,usualy alpha is first when software just comes out then beta is used afterwards then rc 1 or 2 or 3 are used,hope this clears it up.
  2. i have mine on everyday from morning to night so that would be around 20 hours,sometimes i have it on for 2 days straight.
  3. well a new version is always nice. anyways calm down you too kids tarun and rridgely and get along right.
  4. stay away from ati cards,they plain stink.nvidia owns ati.
  5. DVD+R,it is more compatable and tends to be cheaper than the - version just get a quality brand like memorex dvd+r and your rocking.
  6. i have a few old pcs that came with usb 1.1 and 1.1 is very slow so i bought a usb 2.0 card,you can defenataly feel and notice a difference between usb 2.0 and 1.1 so it is well worth buying a card that has usb 2.0 ports,if all you have are 1.1 compatable devices then there would be no need to goto usb 2.0 but soon all devices won't support usb 1.1 anymore,here are the pros and cons: usb 2.0 PCI card: Pros: adds usb 2.0 ports to your setup you can use both your old ports and the ports you just added. very cheap cons:requires a free pci slot Motherboard with usb 2.0 built in pros: it comes with usb 2.0 ports it frees up a pci slot cons: upgrading a mobo just for usb 2.0 ports is very expensive not a viable option if you get the mobo replaced your spending too much cash just for usb 2.0 ports. option 1 is obviosly the better way to go.
  7. i never make backups of the registry as i can trust what CCleaner does is good,that takes too much time to do.
  8. you aussies also say:okies i know cuzz i used to talk to a few aussies,us candians speak differently,otherwise great app.
  9. doesen't it depend on what apps you have installed vs the ones that CCleaner supports the cleaning of those apps?i think thats why it is so small.
  10. looks good.no skins are needed as it would produce excess bloat to CCleaner.
  11. will programs create new ones or not?is it safe to remove them?
  12. whats the point in removing unused file extensions?just a quick question.
  13. actualy the new look is better,the issues manu has been moved and given it's own icon.
  14. when it is ready it will be loaded on many of the machines i use(i own 4 and have 3 others in same household)
  15. a new and easier look,should boost productivity significantly,the new look is just what we need,maybe for the next version maybe update the filters n such for firefox or opera if neebee.
  16. me 2,new versions are always cool.
  17. for me it depends on what i do,if i install lotsa stuff or browse alot then i tend to use it everyday.
  18. i already tried mozila and firefox but it's only a suggestion to maybe add it just for those who may use it unless you got something against netscape.
  19. every version even a minor one is always a good thing,keep up the good work.
  20. soldier1st

    Netscape 8

    Please Add Support for Netscape 8 to the aplications list if possible.
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