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  1. Edit. Nevermind, found the problem. I was going to ask how to add the context menus of TUGZip into a subfolder but theres an option for it in the configuration of TUGZip.
  2. Hi, I recently bought a Dell computer for a reasonably good price and in total I'm pretty satisfied with it. However, I would like to upgrade my video card to something better. However, when talking to dell support I found out some things I didn't like to hear. I would just like some reccomendations on one to buy thats better then my current. I don't want to spend too much money (under 100$ would be awesome, 150$ is probably way too much). The problem is I have no AGP port, only a PCI port that runs at 33 MHz. My current video card is "Integrated Intel Extreme Graphics 2" (heh, not really a card then. Thank you!
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