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CCleaner has stopped working


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 I know the cause.

I trust CCleaner or I would not use it.

I have disabled certain features of CCleaner that I do not need in my registry.

CCleaner works fine with these changes.

The problem is if I do not block CCleaner "phoning home" with my Windows firewall (Advanced) CCleaner adds the features back in the registry.

This adds the features back to the GUI.

The blocking with the firewall results in this error message:


It also creates an Error in Event Viewer.


I would like CCleaner to change the programing to where I can disable certain features in the registry but not need to block CCleaner with the firewall.


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I have moved this out of the bug reporting forum - This is not a bug, it is deliberate user action.

@cholla Here's an few ideas for you:

If you stop trying to cripple your software, and use it as the developers intended it to be used, then it will usually work.

If you try to prevent a software from working as intended then you will undoubtedly get errors.

It there is a feature in a software, any software, that you don't want/use then just ignore that feature.

If you don't like what a software does then don't use that software, use something else instead.

If you believe that you know better way to do things than the developers of any current software then you are always free to write your own.
Many popular softwares started life because someone though they had a better way of doing something, and they were right.

*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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I will live with the errors & the Windows message.

CCLeaner still works for what I need it to do.

I only get the Windows message after CCleaner completes its' operations & I close it.

If the Features (which might be useful to some people) could be turned off from the GUI then I would use that method.

I do NOT need CCleaner to update drivers ,update software,, offer third party, or optimize performance.

Why waste time & my computers resources allowing a program to do what I do NOT need.

I need it to be a cleaner & that is what I use it for.



I have never written any software & at 70 I DO NOT plan on starting.

I found your reply condescending .

No help at all.

As you can see I just joined the CCleaner forum.

I'm sure discouraged from posting again.

My mistake I thought this was a forum to report a problem.

Then maybe get help.

That this was something the "Developers might not be aware of & want to know.

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