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  1. it is nothing to worry about.. you will see that after clicking on any files on your computer.. that is where they come from..
  2. i am sorry that you are having problems, dalea.. i wish i could help.. i hope that you manage to get things straightened out..
  3. i uninstalled CCleaner build 1.35.424 and installed the older build 1.34.407 and build 1.34.407 removed the MS updates uninstaller files..
  4. i am running the latest version of ccleaner, build 1.35.424, and, unlike all of the previous versions of ccleaner that i have used, it will not remove the MS updates uninstaller files and folders, the files that are using for uninstalling MS updates..
  5. i noticed that with the new version of CCleaner, in "options", CCleaner is not recognizing cookies that i have on my computer so that i can add them to "cookies to keep"..
  6. if you want to use microsoft's "ms virtual machine" you can download it here: MS Virtual Machine after you install "ms virtual machine", it is very important to go to the "windows updates" website and scan for "updates" and get the security patch for ms virtual machine.
  7. thanks for the CCleaner program.. i recently installed the newest release and it seems to work well.. good job..
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