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Delete on Old, Install on New


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Tomorrow I will be receiving my new laptop.  My old laptop is still working, just very outdated.  I want to delete my CCleaner Professional software on my old, and then install it on my new laptop.  Can someone please give me some guidance or instructions on the best way to do this, in order in which it should be done.

Very thankful,


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It is not a problem, but make a note of your licence key before removing CCleaner from the old machine.
Open your current CCleaner Pro and go to Options>License Key - make a note of the key.

  1. When you have the new machine up and running download the current CCleaner installer onto it from here: https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner/builds
  2. Double click the downloaded installer and it will install CCleaner Free.
  3. Open CCleaner Free and go to Options>License Key.
  4. Select 'Activate new key' and enter your existing key.
  5. That will register/activate CCleaner Pro on the new machine.

Once you have CCleaner Pro on the new machine you should then uninstall CCleaner Pro from the old machine unless you have a multi-device licence (CCleaner Pro Plus, CCleaner Premum, etc.).

*** Out of Beer Error ->->-> Recovering Memory ***

Worried about 'Tracking Files'? Worried about why some files come back after cleaning? See this link:


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