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Kamo won't connect to the VPN service

Trevor Matthews

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I recently upgraded to ccleaner Pro for 5 PCs.
I downloaded and installed Kamo on my laptop and it works perfectly.
Today I installed it on a Windows 10 tower PC, it installed correctly and runs.

However Kamo will not connect to the VPN service, the toggle switch can be moved to On but after a few seconds it moves back to Off.
I have reinstalled, restarted the PC, run the download as administrator but the VPN service will still not connect.
I have checked the support forums and can't find the same issue mentioned.
The correct Pro licence number has been entered.
Any idea what the issue is???


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Hi all


So the penny eventually dropped.

Despite having the ccleaner pro licence for 5 PC's it appears that you can not use more than one Kamo connection at any one time.

My laptop was connected to Kamo and this stopped my other PC from connecting to Kamo and encrypting the connection.

A bit disappointing but I expect that is in the terms and conditions and I should have read them more closely.......

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