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I remember a while back that Kamo had a new beta feature called Private Connection.  There was even a notice on the page about it being beta.  Now it's apparently live and I'd love to use it but it keeps disconnecting.  I'll click on it to activate it then, when I go to any page within Kamo or web sites it immediately shows "off".  I also have a VPN that automatically loads on browser start up.  Since the VPN connects me to (in this case) the San Francisco server each time but the Private Connection hides my location using a different location as my origination IP, could this be the issue for the disconnect?  The FAQs offered no solution.  I surely hope this made sense. 

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Guest johnccleaner

That is very likely the case; Private Connection makes use of VPN technology, so it can't be used alongside another VPN product. What you describe seems to line up pretty well - you turn on Private Connection > open the browser > browser VPN turns on > Private Connection is no longer active as the other VPN has taken over.

In short, you'd basically need to decide to use one or the other.

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