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I ran each of CCleaner's registry issues one at a time, saving a registry backup each time, and rebooting to see if it did anytime bad.


That may be a bit paranoid, but I'm extremely leery of all registry cleaners since I've always had problems-most recent was MS Windows Live registry cleaner that messed up MS Office 2003- go figure, one MS product screws up another MS product (Office updates would fail to install because Windows Live erroneously removed certain registry entries). Anyway, once someone led me to the culprit, I could restore the Windows Live reg backup file to fix.


Anyway, I had no problems with CClearner's registry cleaner until the font issues fixer. When I rebooted all text was nothing but squares and symbols. What a f-ing mess. At least the icons were there so I could eventually find the reg backup folder and restore (with some trial and error finding the right folder-at least I saved it in a reasonably easy place to find). So my paranoia is justified.


Is this a bug with CCleaner or a problem with my registry? I tend to blame CCleaner as my fonts are fine now as long as I disable the font issue fixer in CClearner's registry clearner.

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I had this happen on an [unrelated but] extremely infected customer machine. I had to export a working Fonts key and import it on the broken machine, and reboot. Most of the Documents and Settings folder was deleted, and so was most of the registry. It was a huge mess and I ended up having to reformat despite my best efforts. :)


Get an export of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Fonts from a working machine and import it on the broken one. Also, save all future CCleaner issues scan backups :)

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