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Speccy dected as "virus evader" by VirusTotal and its Sandbox


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i intalled speccy to get my motherboard stats, i was hit with a warning from VirusTotal via glasswire firewall, in which it said it was detected and sandboxed tested as an infection with 260 serious issues and many more less serious ones


I downloaded it directly from the website.


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I wouldn't be too worried. (As long as you have got Speccy from the official source).

1 (or a couple) of detection by a minor company(ies) as opposed to 67 'cleans' from the others, including the big boys, is not unusual on VT.
From a quick look online it appears that SecureAge Apex is known for being quite prone to giving FP's.

You will see similar results with the odd false positive for most things that you check on VT.

Interestingly I've just checked and it's only speccy64.exe that Apex FP's on VT (although it doesn't show the '64') -  if you upload speccy.exe Apex passes it as clean.


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On 03/11/2021 at 13:37, nukecad said:

From a quick look online it appears that SecureAge Apex is known for being quite prone to giving FP's

It tends to only be the major AV players who can afford an adequately funded threat labs team to properly stay on top of the latest virus and malware threats.  The smaller niche players tend to rely either on whitelisting or behaviour analysis - which tends to false-positive a lot of utility software.  While that's a perfectly good solution for a corporate environment, where the IT department is going to want computers locked down to a standard SOE with limited exceptions anyway, it should be cheerfully ignored for home computers if the consensus of the major AV engines is that everything is fine.

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