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Would love to UPDATE MY DRIVERS, and have just selected Update Drivers and 18 awaiting update

System informs me to go into W10 System to change my settings for a new Update Folder to be added for safety.

Went to the Help Page showing how it is to be done and it totally freeked me out as its far tooo complicated an operation I am expected to doo !! I am a press button geek not an IT geek so its way out of my, and am sure many others ability. Why is there not a button I can approve and you incorporate a system within the Update Drivers System that will do it for us non tech types.

So as its beyond me to carry out the Update of my 18 drivers, is there a button which I can now disconnects the Update Drivers Part within the system ???

I think you should give a warning to non tech people perhaps not to use the Driver Update unless at least a partial Geek !!

Your help would be appreciated !!!



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  • Admin

Hi atttim, thank you for reaching out to us.

I am sorry to hear you have found the process of enabling Windows System Restore Points complicated.
It is a necessary Windows option to have enabled before you Update any drivers as it adds an extra layer of security for you to go back in case something goes wrong.

Thank you for the feedback that you want us to enable this for you and solve it, it is something we are looking at for a future release to make it easier for yourself and other customers.

For now, if you want to use the feature I would recommend enabling the Restore Points. Please either follow our help guide or get in touch with our Support Team directly to see if they can help walk you through it.

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