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File's data could not be found on disk


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I'm running into a pickle here with this particular issue, yesterday while cleaning out my folders, I accidently deleted an important folder and quickly ran Recuva to recover it, but I was given this result (with all option except an on-going deep-scan that asking for 20hours to complete)


If it helps, the folder was deemed too big for recycle bin so it deleted straight off. Majority of the folder is fine except those extremely important files unfortunately.

Anyone knows what could cause this error?

Thank you.

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Not really an "error" in my opinion since it does state Unrecoverable, so even if it did state that about the files data you still wouldn't be able to recover it since it's deemed unrecoverable. Hopefully you have a recent enough backup to restore from!

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I don't think that a deep scan will be fruitful as the file extension - unity - is not, as far as I know - one that is interpreted by a deep scan.

Data not found on disk means that the file's data cluster address fields do not contain valid addresses. It is not easy to say why this has happened. It may be because the files were in a lot of extents.

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