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I want the browser to start the same size as it was when I closed it last.  That usually means maximized.  It resets its size every time I open it, and that is a no-go for me long term.  I searched the settings but have been unable to fix this. 

I want my favorites to be a drop down list.  I have tried for a bit to make it stop putting them across the top, and it did briefly then it came back with a vengeance.   I do not like clutter across the top and have discarded multiple browsers for invading this space.  

I apologize if these things are in the settings and I have missed them: I did look for a while.  The performance of the browser is nice, as is its pop-up blocking.  

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On the shortcut you use for the browser try right-clicking on it and selecting properties.

Then look for the shortcut tab and see if you can select maximized from the run option dropdown.

Click Apply.


Support contact





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