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  1. I am seeing this as well. I can configure it to go to a specific site when it launches, and I can configure it to go to a specific site when I mash the home button, but I cannot configure it to launch a specific site on a new tab it always gives me an ad-filled search site trying (currently) to hawk valentines day junk.
  2. Thank you, but it does not work. I can change it to maximized but the program still opens not maximized, the suggestion from the shortcut is overruled somehow.
  3. I want the browser to start the same size as it was when I closed it last. That usually means maximized. It resets its size every time I open it, and that is a no-go for me long term. I searched the settings but have been unable to fix this. I want my favorites to be a drop down list. I have tried for a bit to make it stop putting them across the top, and it did briefly then it came back with a vengeance. I do not like clutter across the top and have discarded multiple browsers for invading this space. I apologize if these things are in the settings and I have missed them: I
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