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  1. Can you please kick OLENS out of the forum? See what he sent me: Hi HugoM, Olens has posted a comment on a topic, Ccleaner Browser new tab page is not customizable Posted in Ccleaner Browser new tab page is not customizable Buy Best Coloured Eye Contact Lenses Online In India Contact Lens - Order daily, monthly & six months disposals colored eye contact lens online i...
  2. Will we a Ccleaner BROWSER for Android ? And when ?
  3. Dear fishki, This is a problem of the CCLEANER browser, not the CHROME browser. As for your use of the "new-tab-changer" in CHROME, that can be easily achieved by changing the NEW TAB setting in CHROME and the HOME PAGE button.
  4. In Chrome, I have set the New Tab page to go to my Home page. In Ccleaner Browser this functionality is missing... Even the "Custom New Tab URL" (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/custom-new-tab-url/mmjbdbjnoablegbkcklggeknkfcjkjia?hl=en ) has no equivalent in Ccleaner Browser. Is there a workaround ?
  5. I recently discovered CcleanerBrowser and I think it's the bees knees! It works exactly like Chrome (it automatically imported all bookmarks etc) and - oh heaven ! It does away with the popups and adds. The only setback is: no favicons are displayed... . I am posting this with Chrome and here (in Chrome) I have all favicons and icons ... s In Ccleaner Browser however, all I get are small rectangles... see attachments.. screenshot from Chrome and screenshot from CcleanerBrowser... Any one has an idea how to repair this mishap ? attachment 2 : Ccleaner browser
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