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Is Kamo for real?

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I keep seeing this product called 'Kamo' popping up on my screen to download.  It has your company's logo and it seems to be popping up from the CCleaner app.  However, I can't find anything about it on your website.  Google search links point to dead pages or even no information.  Is this for real?

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Sorry, no popup now and didn't capture when it happened.  The popup originally sent me to a page that listed the products features.  What made me suspicious is there was no link to purchase.  I moved on to other things and the next day, the popup came back.  Again, no link to anything so I checked the main site. No word or info about the product.  I upgraded CCleaner to the latest build and haven't seen the popup again since.  I came back to this again a week later because I just purchased more licenses of CCleaner and thought by now there must be more info about Kamo.  It sounded like a very interesting product.  

Google search does show one link: https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us/articles/360044772192-About-Kamo  but its a dead "oops" page.


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