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  1. Hi @Pastor Tim. Thanks for your message. We are aware of this issue relating to Firefox and we are working on fixing it. Please contact our support team if you would like more information (support@ccleaner.com).
  2. Hi @jhobbs. As mentioned previously by @Adlerauge you can enable notifications for fingerprint changes as well as tracking attempts that have been blocked by Kamo. You can access this through 'Menu > Settings'. If you are using Firefox, you might not see these notifications appear at this stage. We are working on getting this fixed.
  3. @hazelnut could you check this page again to see if you are still seeing the Trustpilot link (far left) and if it still leads to a 404?
  4. @Darkbluesky Thank you for the detailed feedback on the fingerprinting, I will pass this onto the team for investigation.
  5. Okay thanks for spotting this @hazelnutIll have a look into it.
  6. Hi @Darkbluesky would you mind sharing what version of Kamo you are using? Thank you.
  7. Thanks @hazelnutwould you mind sending me a screenshot of the link you're referring to. All the links within the below section seem to be working for me.
  8. I've updated the link in my previous post. It should be correct now. Thank you.
  9. HI @hazelnut - thank you for picking up on that. I will see to get a link that is working. Apologies for the incorrect link.
  10. Hi @Darkbluesky Thank you so much for contacting us. Here's some info on your questions. The 'Upgrade now' button should direct you here where you'll be able to purchase Kamo. As noted, the button is not working at this stage, but this will be fixed soon. At this stage Edge Chromium is not supported. To restore your fingerprint manually, access 'Browser protection' and toggle your selected browser from 'Protected' to 'Not protected' (Fingerprint is restored) and from 'Not protected' to 'Protected' (Fingerprint is changed). If the steps provided are not changing your
  11. @cibertek thanks for the info, I will pass it on for further investigation.
  12. @cibertek thanks for reaching out to us. Are you able to advise roughly when you were receiving the popup's without the link? Any more info you could give would be helpful in making sure this is sorted out.
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