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I get the ten errors when I run the registry cleaner. When I use regedit I don't have the permissions to delete these registries keys. I there any way around this problem.

registry errors.jpg

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Is CCleaner able to delete the entries itself?

That would appear to be a webserver, possibly running Windows Server 2008?

None of those entries should cause any problems with the running of your machine.

If your machine is not having problems then it's probably best to leave them alone.

We don't reccommend using the Registry Cleaner on a regular basis, it's meant as a tool for use if you are having issues.
Running a Reg Cleaner will not make your computer run faster or save any noticable space.
It's more likely to cause problems, (especially with Windows 10).
We regularly see posts here from people who have broken their computer OS by using the Registry Editor indiscriminately.

Having said that I found this in an old post elsewhere about the same subject:
No guarantees that you won't lose functionality if you remove the registry entries in this way, they have been given elevated status for a reason - If you chose to do it then it's entirely at your own risk.



Within CCleaner, select 'Open in Regedit'. Right click on the key entry and select 'Permissions' in the context menu. From there, go to 'Advanced' and take ownership of the key [search for your user if need be] -> check both 'Replace owner on subcontainers and objects' and 'Replace all child object permission entries with inheritable permission entries from this object'. Under the permissions for each user, give each one full control (to make it quick and easy).

Now right click on the key and select delete -- you'll be able to delete the entry.



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