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Physical volume not detected

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I got a friend's hard drive with a clean logical volume. The lost data are on the physical volume (USB), but Recuva only checks the logical one. Anyone knows what to do to force the check of all the drive ? I use the free version of Disk Drill and it does just that : 3 file sin the LV, and 215 GB of data "elsewhere". Anyone knows if I can ask Recuva to do the same ?

Thanks in advance !

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After you have called RECUVA, a small window "Data type" appears, where you click on what you want to restore.
Then click on CONTINUE.
Now the window CREATE RUNWORK IMAGE appears.
(TIP: First create a drive image so that the data on the storage medium is not overwritten.
If there are any errors, they are all still intact).
Then click on CANCEL and a large window will open.
Here you can select the medium to be searched at the top/left - next to it you can let the system search for files or contents.
(It can take days to search for files, better to let the program search for content).
After this selection, on the right side/top click on SETTINGS.
Since everything is set up the way you need it.
Pay special attention to RUNNINGS, whether all settings are correct there!
Then it should actually work well!
Good luck!

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