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  1. Hello, After you have called RECUVA, a small window "Data type" appears, where you click on what you want to restore. Then click on CONTINUE. Now the window CREATE RUNWORK IMAGE appears. (TIP: First create a drive image so that the data on the storage medium is not overwritten. If there are any errors, they are all still intact). Then click on CANCEL and a large window will open. Here you can select the medium to be searched at the top/left - next to it you can let the system search for files or contents. (It can take days to search for files, better to let the program search f
  2. I bought RECUVA online 1 week ago and I am very disappointed! Actually I wanted to recover a partition with data from an external hard disk (WD,2TB,1y old), but this external hard disk is not recognized by RECUVA. WIN 10 Home recognizes it (device manager) and the free version of "MiniTool Partition Wizzard" recognizes the external drive as well. Data is also recognized! If RECUVA is not even able to do this, then the advertisement should not promise it. WHY DOES RECUVA NOT RECOGNIZE THE EXTERN HARDDISK?
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