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I am running Vista home premium. 

When I accepted your offer for an update for basic cc all sorts of BAD things happen to my computer.

A short list: Most desktop icons are covered with a cc icon.

Most apps are prefixed with a cc icon.

This stops me from running anything with this icon .

How did they get changed from the factory default.

I can't run restore to factory default.

Any solutions?

Thank you.



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It sounds like you have inadvertently downloaded CCleaner Browser, which has associated your files with the browser.
Almost all newly installed browsers will do this and reassociate how files are opened.

What can you do about it?

Have a look at this link, it talks about PDF files - but it is the same process for any other file that has been reassociated.
You just have to set the file association back to whichever programme you want to open those files with.
Once the association is set back then the icons will change back again.


EDIT - I just noted that you have Vista, the screenshots in the above are for windows 10 so it will look slightly different in Vista but it's the asme process.

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I hope I am in the correct screen.

Thank you nukecad for your response.

I believe I have tried that ?

(my brain feels like Australia looks)

All of the protocol files, programs and apps have the ccleaner file association.

Nothing works.


Thank you.

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Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?

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