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I have  submitted 10 requests to get help with a support issue.   Two weeks ago I purchased and installed CCleaner for my desktop computer.  Since that time I have not been able to access my online banking application with JP Morgan Chase.  I have tried Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google, and Yahoo.    I have been online with CCleaner web site and there is no number to contact company by direct phone call.     Can I get help ASAP.

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When you emailed support@ccleaner.com did you use the same email address you used to register ccleaner?  That should have put you in the priority queue, I assume you've checked your spam folder for their response. 

Are you using easyclean/health check or custom clean?  If the latter did you move your banks cookies to the cookies to keep  option?  What exactly do you mean "not able to access"? What happens? (I.e. Website doesn't load, doesn't accept my login credentials etc).


I've flagged the staff to look for your support requests.

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