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Bucky Kid

Scheduled cleanup not working

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I upgraded to CCleaner v5.63.7540 two days ago and seems this version is again having the bug of ignoring scheduled cleanups.

Can anybody confirm this?

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I solved my problem. I added an extra space in registry. See my thread "Registry Option /AUTO or /AUTOS"
Maybe this works for you too.

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4 hours ago, gofo said:

I startet a new top. I think it is the same. See:


hello gofo,


i think bucky kid means perhaps another thing... not the autostart


ccleaner -> options -> scheduling? is this right bucky kid? -> this is for the pro-version users



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yes, i found it here :-)







Scheduling CCleaner

To schedule system cleans (for example clean the system every Friday at 10am) you will need to manually create CCleaner entries in the Windows Task Scheduler. Please note that in order to do this your user account needs to have Administrative privileges.

  1. Open Windows Task scheduler. This is done by clicking Start > Control Panel. Then switching to the classic view using left navigation pane. Then entering Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler.
  2. Click Task Scheduler Library.
  3. From the Actions menu on the right side of the window click Create Basic Task. Create Basic Task Wizard should open.
  4. In the Name text field enter the name you’d like the task to be identified as. For example CCleaner weekly cleans. Click Next button.
  5. Select how often you’d like CCleaner to run. For example Weekly. Click Next button.
  6. Enter the date and time when you’d like the 1st clean to be performed. Then select how often you’d like the cleaning to recur and when. Click Next button.
  7. Select Start a program option. Click Next button.
  8. Click browse button and navigate to your main CCleaner.exe. It is usually located in C:\Program Files\CCleaner. Double click CCleaner (or CCleaner64 if you are using 64-bit version of Windows).
  9. In the Add arguments (optional) text field enter /auto. Click Next button.
  10. Check Open the Properties dialog for this task when I click Finish and click Finish button. Properties window should open.
  11. Check Run with highest privileges option and press OK button.

That’s it. All done.

Note: These instructions are intended for Windows Vista and onwards. On older operating systems this is done in similar way but there are some differences (for example Task Scheduler is in different location).



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