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  1. I upgraded to CCleaner v5.63.7540 two days ago and seems this version is again having the bug of ignoring scheduled cleanups. Can anybody confirm this?
  2. Hi, can I get a clue what to exclude to avoid cleanup of MRU and windows dialogues history lists? Having exception for registry key HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ComDlg32 but it wnyway doesn't prevent cleaning up MS fileopen dialog history. Do the exclusions apply recursively for any subitems or only for that folder?
  3. Greetings, I'm sure one of CCleaner categories causing my volume panel applications levels resets but don't know which. Does somebody know which one it is? All volumes are always reset to 100% after /AUTO cleaning is done. Also I'm having WinRar folder MRU list wiped out. I wonder if /AUTO cleaning also performs some registry cleanup.
  4. Dilettantes, updated to CC 5.46, and the old known crash box is still present. Manual cleaning OK, but /AUTO crashes CCleaner. I have referred my issue by bug submit form too so it seems the staff completely ignores bug reports, why?
  5. Is 5.43.6522 the build# of CC 5.43 hotfix ? I don't find anything more recent at Filehippo and from first post this is build I'm having installed.
  6. It seems I have same issue with /AUTOSC swicth. Surprising me that another new version was released without fixing this still present bug. CC 5.43 is latest version where unattended cleaning was observed working reliably.
  7. Hello, starting from CCleaner 5.44, continuing to 5.45 the scheduled cleanup is not being performed. I notice it by seeing content that should be deleted still present. Sporadically I also see crash message of CCleaner, but mostly silent. The schedule is sane but if I launch CCleaner64 /AUTO, the tray icon shortly appears and quickly disappears. In task scheduler I see the process is gone, so there must be something quitting the task prematurely. If I open full interface and perform by click Analysis + Cleanup, the job is completed (except it requires me all browsers to close). I verified this problem is gone if I revert to CCleaner 5.43.6522 I attach the program config files for case of reproducing the problem. cc_cfg.rar
  8. Thanks for the care. Actually the temp was purged at 1AM while I had CCleaner schedulet on 1:30AM. Noticing this I traced this was done by other app which silently added purging %temp% to default features. So problem is solved,
  9. Bucky Kid

    Change log?

    HI Is change log for CCleaner available? Can't find it on site. I am curious if in CCleaner 4.17 was handled the temp folder preliminary deletion.
  10. Unchecking Windows > System > Temporary files will preserve yesterday's files (Temp seems intact).This could confirm that there's no other util cleaning %Temp%. Checking Windows > System > Temporary files and checking Options > Advanced > In Windows Temp delete only older than 24hrs ...yesterdays files deleted Removing Winapp2 doesnot seem remove the problem This is kind of mystery. I don't have other explication than that CCleaner doesn't obey the 24 hour grace period properly.
  11. Okay I temporarily removed Winapp2 and CCenhancer and in case the problem persists I report here.
  12. That's not so important, the important is that CCleaner for some reason deletes files younger than 24hrs. Confirmed today, shortly after scheduled run all temp files created there today are gone, so it couldn't be any other program. May my winapp2.ini be on cause? Don't have other idea why CCleaner purges %temp% so early... winapp2.zip
  13. I am more tested it and it looks CCleaner still leaves very fresh files intact, but doesnot now obey the 1 day period fully. Today I check %temp% and very recent files from evening are intact while files made morning and afternoon are all gone. Anyway their age surely was <24hrs. On the other hand I can find there a log file from tuesday.
  14. I don't know what is wrong. I again verify that the 24hours grace option is checked. Run analysis manually, then Run Cleaner, and today created files are preserved. But when I run CCleaner scheduled, I find morning that files with yesterday's timestamp in %temp% are all gone. I don't run any other cleaners overnight.
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