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CCleaner Bundle clarification

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Just by way of additional background, for others who may read this ...

  • CCleaner Professional (aka CCleaner Pro) is just the CCleaner product for one PC.
  • CCleaner Professional Bundle (aka CCleaner Pro Plus) used to be CCleaner + Recuva + Defraggler + Speccy all on one PC, but was changed earlier this year to cover three PCs in the same household* - making it a good choice for people who want the extra products or need the extra PCs covered (or both).  For anyone coming up for renewal who has multiple CCleaner Professional licences, we recommend the Professional Bundle since it will be better value for you.
  • Note that CCleaner Mac and CCleaner Mobile are not currently included in the CCleaner Professional Bundle.


(* Technically, the rule is that all three PCs need to be in the one household, but if you only have 2 PCs and you let your mum use the third one we really don't care that much. But spankings have been delivered to cheeky individuals who have tried breaking up the bundle and selling the bits individually on eBay - please don't do that.)

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