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My wife plays the Microsoft Solitaire Daily Challenge. Her progress is recorded so that every time she logs on she can see the results from previous days. Unfortunately this history vanishes after I run CCleaner. Is there a box I can untick on CCleaner which will stop this history being cleaned? We have Windows 10 and our browser is Chrome.

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LOL, I had exactly the opposite problem, I wanted the Solitaire scores/statistics wiped and couldn't get CCleaner to do it.

I wrote my own cleaner to do it so now know that the Solitaire scores/statistics and experience points are saved at the following locations:


%Userprofile% is just programming shorthand for the profile directory of the current user. (C:\Users\anyusername).
The {NUMBER} and {login-name} will be an actual hexadecimal number, and a Solitaire/MS account login name unique to each user.
(I've replaced my own in the above pathnames for security).

I don't do the daily challenges but it would seem logical that the information for those will be saved at:

My best suggestion to start would be to look for that in the list of file that CC finds in an Ananlyze, and see which (if any) section of cleaning is finding it.

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I found that information, the actual file was statscache.sgi. I noticed that the last time it was modified was in November 2018. Once upon a time I could download Microsoft Solitaire onto my computer rather than playing it online. I am wondering if the file I found is left over from the old computer-based game. Some time ago someone told me that of my wife logged into her Microsoft account before playing her challenges would be stored in the cloud and not affected by CCleaner or other cleaning software. I ran Analyse on CCleaner but it didn't bring up anything that seemed to relate to Solitaire.

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I have that statscache.sgi file in that dailychallenges directory and it shows as modified yesterday, even though as I said I don't do the daily challenges and deliberately play Solitaire offline (flight mode on the laptop).

A .sgi file is a graphics description file, so probably not the scores/progress information itself marely a graphic description of what to display next time you open Solitaire.
(You can 'open with' Notepad to read what it contains).

But if yours had a date that old then it would not seem to have been used by that user; were you looking in the correct user profile?
eg. were you logged in as yourself rather than as your wife?

If she was logged into the computer using her MS account then her scores/progress should be stored in the cloud, so that they can be synced between devices.


With the Windows 10 version of Microsoft Solitaire Collection, your progress is automatically saved to the cloud. This means you can sign in on any Windows 10 device and pick up right where you left off. The cloud even saves your progress on challenges and achievements.


I know that on mine the information is stored locally - but I don't even have a MS account so that's not conclusive.

So it looks as if something is losing that cloud syncing.
A thought, especially as you can't see anything Solitaire related with an analyze - Is she / are you running the registry cleaner?

Microsoft recommends that you don't run any registry cleaner, especially not with Win10.
Registry cleaners cannot keep pace with intentional changes that MS makes in the registry, and can end up wiping the wrong registry entries and causing problems.

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