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  1. Kafka

    History vanishes

    I found that information, the actual file was statscache.sgi. I noticed that the last time it was modified was in November 2018. Once upon a time I could download Microsoft Solitaire onto my computer rather than playing it online. I am wondering if the file I found is left over from the old computer-based game. Some time ago someone told me that of my wife logged into her Microsoft account before playing her challenges would be stored in the cloud and not affected by CCleaner or other cleaning software. I ran Analyse on CCleaner but it didn't bring up anything that seemed to relate to Solitaire.
  2. My wife plays the Microsoft Solitaire Daily Challenge. Her progress is recorded so that every time she logs on she can see the results from previous days. Unfortunately this history vanishes after I run CCleaner. Is there a box I can untick on CCleaner which will stop this history being cleaned? We have Windows 10 and our browser is Chrome.
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