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whY Does Defraggler Pause when Windows Screen Sleeps?

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how big is the ISO file?
what is the USB flash drive capacity?

for those sort of problems in the past, I've just deleted the ISO image on the USB stick and recopied the file over again from the PC drive.

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Thanx mta 4 your Reply & your Help!

it happened 1st w/ Zorin Education Lite Linux which is 2.5 GB & Lubuntu 19.04 Desktop X64 Linux which is 1.5 GB & w/ Every Other iso, about a Dozen so far down to 600 Mb, ( getting progressively smaller, but I've still got another 60 isos 2 add, rite down to 9 Mb Corepup Linux ( altho it's occurred 2 me that maybe I should have started from small 9 Mb & Finished w/ 2.5 GB iso ) because as time goes by I'll be Updating them & of course the isos get Larger & I'll have 2 Defraggler them again )

it's a 32 GB USB Flash Dr. ( Only 6 isos aRe bigger than could fit on a CD ie. 860 Mb - 2.5 GB Zorin previously stated, wood otherwize Need 2 be Burned 2 a DVD ), But the Vast Majority aRe 200 Mb - 300 Mb Puppy Linux isos, which I've yet 2 Do because at the moment I'm in the 600 Mb iso Zone. Frustratingly I'm having 2 Defrag the USB Flash Dr after adding each iso! As I said earlier there's a Total of 72 isos!




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